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Academic Periodical of Farm Products Processing

ISSN 1671-9646 
Organizer: shan xi sheng nong ye ji xie hua ke xue yan jiu yuan shan xi sheng nong chan pin jia gong zhuang bei ji shu guan li zhan shan xi sheng nong ye chan ye hua xie hui  
Publisher: nong chan pin jia gong bian ji bu  
Description: "Farm Products Processing" is the agricultural product processing industry by the Ministry of Agriculture guidance of the Leading Group Office of the agricultural products processing industry professional media in China, is China's core journals (option selected) database contains journals, scientific papers Source Journals of China, China Academic Journal Full-text indexed journals, Chinese Journal of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Journals Indexed JOURNAL Indexed journals. "Farm Products Processing" and the China Technology Market Association, the China Agricultural Society and the Chinese branch of agricultural storage and processing of agricultural products processing and storage of Agricultural Engineering Branch of Joint, Chair of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director of Agriculture expert advisory panels and other senior scholars Lu Liangshu experts consultants, agricultural universities across the country by the relevant research institutes and agricultural leadership, the editorial board of experts to guide and support the work journal. "Farm Products Processing" processing of agricultural products to researchers, university and college teachers, PhD students and graduate students as the main readers and authors to promote the technological progress of agricultural products processing industry as its mission to engage in research and development and application of agricultural products The research results provide academic exchange and transfer platform. Use this platform to exchange scientific knowledge in the insight, strategy of development of countermeasures to promote scientific and technological achievements have been successful. Publication has a special exposition of experimental research, Process, analysis and testing, technical equipment, application and promotion, industry information and interactive platforms and other columns. (Translated by machine.)