Sibu Beiyao - Si Bu Bei Yao and Extended Edition
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Based on the contents of Sibu Congkan, Sibu Beiyao is added 130 million characters, covering Classics (jing 经), History (shi 史), Philosophy (zi 子), and Literary Collections or belles letters (ji 集). The newly added contents make it more practical, and it is an essential tool and efficient instrument for history and literature researchers and students to study ancient Chinese literatures.

Database Features:

Rich Contents With the newly added 130 millions characters, the new version has reached the amount of 876 titles, 41,932 volumes and 200 millions characters.

Authoritative Ancient RecordsAll the new contents are selected from representative proofread versions and noted versions; it is the first time to comprehensively digitalize the text-proofing works of Mr. Zhang Yuanji.

Convenient ApplicationFully Internet version—— no need to install, manage a server

Practical FunctionsOnline manuscript input and search, phonetic tone shift, conversion between solar calendar and lunar calendar, conversion between Chinese Era and Christian Era, conversion between simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, ancient character’s frequency of occurrences

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