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"China Energy News" is the official newspaper of the National Energy Commission and the National Energy Board. "China Energy News" is China’s most authoritative media in the energy industry, and it was also China's first energy newspaper for the whole industry chain. "China Energy News" is the information publishing platform that serves China’s national energy strategy, energy policy and their macro-management.

"China Energy News" provides the latest trends in the energy industry for energy industry production and operation. It supplies the information basis for business activities and operation decisions for leaders and practitioners in the energy industry leaders.

The readership of "China Energy News" covers party and government leaders of the National Energy Commission, the National Energy Board, Development and Reform Commission, the SASAC, the Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology, Ministry of Water Resources, Ministry of Agriculture and local energy management; energy companies (oil, gas, coal , electricity, nuclear energy, new energy, energy equipment, etc.), entrepreneurs and senior managers; foreign embassies, multinational corporations and international institutions; energy industry-related organizations and trade associations; and investors in the energy sector, researchers, and consulting and service providers.

Authoritative: "China Energy News" is published by the People's Daily, China’s most influential and authoritative newspaper publisher. It provides the latest information and the most authoritative analysis.

Professional: More than 30 professional invited journalists contribute to the newspaper’s news, reviews and analysis, providing the most unique perspective and the most professional investigation.
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    Chinese and English (Assisted Machine Translated);
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    June 1, 2009;
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    Complete from the first issue in 2009 to today;
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