Professional Customized Research

Oriprobe is committed to help organizations obtain customized research materials in a timely manner. Our information expert team will facilitate your research efficiently with support of extensive qualitative and quantitative information.  

Customized Research services offer a range of assistances: collecting research materials in a digital format; updating you on your research topics; preparing research reports of your topics; and translating documents into the language you request.

Oriprobe fully understands and respects the confidentiality needs of your research, and will make it a priority to protect your research information.

In order to receive a free quote, you are encouraged to submit your request online as a special document delivery with detailed instructions or send us an email at We will contact you within a few hours.

How to proceed

  • You could simply fill in an online order as a special document delivery. Please send as much information on your requirements as possible in the "Note" of the form;
  • You would receive notifications via e-mail as to the status, time frames, price, etc.;
  • Payment could be made online using credit cards, Paypal or via invoicing.

Pricing The rates vary depending on the subjects. Usually, Oriprobe charges US$30 per hour and an estimate of hours would be communicated to you before your commitment.

For further information, please feel free to contact us at

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