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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Factory Management ISSN:1672-4712 Failire Analysis and Prevention ISSN:1673-6214
Fairy Tales World ISSN:1006-849X FAJIAO KEJI TONGXUN ISSN:
Family & Child Care ISSN:1004-3039 Family & Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1005-3743
Family Electronics ISSN:1005-4669 Family Electronics ISSN:1005-4669
Family Health ISSN:1003-8183 Family Medicine ISSN:1001-0203
Family Medicine ISSN:1001-0203 Family Medicines ISSN:1009-6620
Family Nurse ISSN:1672-1888 Fantasy World ISSN:1009-6876
Far Eastern Economic Pictorial ISSN:1003-9597 Faren Magazine ISSN:1672-6545
Farm Economic management ISSN:1002-2635 Farm Machinery ISSN:1000-9868
Farm Machinery Using & Maintenance ISSN:1002-2538 Farm Products Processing ISSN:1671-9646
Farm Products Processing ISSN:1671-9646 Fashion & Beauty ISSN:1671-010X
Fashion Beijing ISSN:1673-5226 Fashion China ISSN:1009-6256
Fashion Colour ISSN:1005-555X Fashion Home ISSN:1008-1518
Fashion Interior Fabrics ISSN:1006-2262 Fault-Block Oil and Gas Field ISSN:1005-8907
Featured Fiction ISSN:1008-5203 Feed China ISSN:1002-8358
Feed Industry ISSN:1001-991X Feed Research ISSN:1002-2813
Feed Review ISSN:1001-0084 Feed Review ISSN:1001-0084
FEITIAN ISSN:1002-803X fellow workers ISSN:1671-1033
Ferro-Alloys ISSN:1001-1943 Fertility and Health ISSN:1006-9488
Fiber Composites ISSN:1003-6423 Fiber Glass ISSN:1005-6262
Fiber Reinforced Plastics/Composites ISSN:1003-0999 Fiberoptics Communication ISSN:1607-6915
Fiction Monthly ISSN:0257-9413 Fiction World ISSN:1005-7706
Field Management ISSN:1004-6550 Field of Vision ISSN:1006-6039
Film and TV Stars ISSN:1005-5274 Film Art ISSN:0257-0181
Film Stories ISSN:1006-1215 Finance & Accounting for Communications ISSN:1005-9016
Finance & Economics ISSN:1000-8306 Finance & Economics of Xinjiang ISSN:1007-8576
Finance & Economics View ISSN:1008-9284 Finance & Economy ISSN:1007-5992
Finance & Economy ISSN:1007-0753 Finance & Economy ISSN:1007-0753
Finance & Trade Economics ISSN:1002-8102 Finance Accounting Guide ISSN:1009-7546
Finance and Accounting for International Commerce ISSN:1005-0035 Finance and Accounting for International Commerce ISSN:1673-8594
Finance and Accounting Monthly ISSN:1004-0994 Finance and Accounting Monthly ISSN:1004-0994
Finance and Accounting Monthly(Theory Edition) ISSN:1004-0994 Finance and Economy ISSN:1006-169X
Finance and Trade Research ISSN:1001-6260 Finance Forum ISSN:1009-9190
Finance of China countryside ISSN:1003-1790 Finance Tax and Accounting ISSN:1003-2428
Finance Teaching and Research ISSN:1006-3544 Finance Theory and Teaching ISSN:1004-9487
Finance Year Book of China ISSN:1004-5740 Finance&Accounting ISSN:1003-286X
Financial Accounting ISSN:1671-8356 Financial Computer of China ISSN:1001-0734
Financial Computer of Huanan ISSN:1672-285X Financial Computerizing ISSN:1008-0880
Financial Digest ISSN:1726-9040 Financial Management and Research ISSN:1671-3087
Financial Perspective Journal ISSN:1009-1246 Financial Science ISSN:1002-994X
Financial Team Construction ISSN:1003-6695 Financial Theory and Practice ISSN:1003-4625
Financial View ISSN:1673-4882 Financial White-collar ISSN:1680-9483
Fine and Specialty Chemicals ISSN:1008-1100 Fine Chemical Intermediates ISSN:1009-9212
Fine Chemicals ISSN:1003-5214 Fire ISSN:1003-742X
Fire Control & Command Control ISSN:1002-0640 Fire Control Radar Technology ISSN:1008-8652
Fire Liaoning ISSN:1671-7961 Fire Protection in Henan ISSN:1007-4201
Fire Protection of The Times ISSN:1007-5747 Fire Safety Science ISSN:1004-5309
Fire Science and Technology ISSN:1009-0029 Fire Shanghai ISSN:1006-1045
Fire Technique and Products Information ISSN:1002-784X Fire Yunnan ISSN:1004-5597
Fish World ISSN: Fisheries Economy Research ISSN:1002-2929
Fisheries Science ISSN:1003-1111 Fisheries Science & Technology Information ISSN:1001-1994
Fisheries Science & Technology of Guangxi ISSN: Fishery Guide to be Rich ISSN:1008-2840
Fishery Modernization ISSN:1007-9580 Fishing Magazine ISSN:1672-5786
Fitness Club ISSN:1671-1645 Flavour Fragrance Cosmetics ISSN:1000-4475
Flight Dynamics ISSN:1002-0853 Flight Surgeon ISSN:1009-5187
Flim Picturial Film Pictorial ISSN:1007-1164 Flour Milling ISSN:1672-1748
Flower City ISSN:1000-789X Flower Plant & Penjing ISSN:1004-7212
Flower Plant & Penjing ISSN:1004-7212 Flower Stream ISSN:1002-686X
Flowers ISSN:1005-7897 Flowers Trees Potted Landscape ISSN:1004-7212
Fluicl Power Transmission and Control ISSN:1672-8904 Fluid Machinery ISSN:1005-0329
Fly Ash Comprehensive Utilization ISSN:1005-8249 Focus & Record ISSN:1005-6564
Folk Art and Literature ISSN:1009-6302 Folk Legends ISSN:1005-8761
Folk Literature ISSN:0540-1151 Folklore Studies ISSN:1002-4360
Food and Beverage Industry ISSN:1006-6195 Food and Drug ISSN:1672-979X
Food and Fermentation Industries ISSN:0253-990X Food and Health ISSN:1004-0137
Food and Life ISSN:1004-5473 Food and Machinery ISSN:1003-5788
Food and Nutrition in China ISSN:1006-9577 Food Engineering ISSN:1673-6044
Food Research and Development ISSN:1005-6521 Food Science ISSN:1002-6630
Food Science and Technology ISSN:1005-9989 Football Club ISSN:1006-5814
For the Public Good ISSN:1004-0641 For Your Health ISSN:1003-4242
Forbidden City ISSN:1003-0328 Forecasting ISSN:1003-5192
Foreign Affairs Review ISSN:1003-3386 Foreign Analytical Instrumentation ISSN:1001-7828
Foreign Business ISSN:1671-1173 Foreign Diesel Locomotive ISSN:1003-1839
Foreign Economic Herald ISSN:1001-9073 Foreign Economies and Management ISSN:1001-4950
Foreign Electronic Measurement Technology ISSN:1002-8978 Foreign Exchange ISSN:1673-5528
Foreign Internal Combustion Engine ISSN:1000-3797 Foreign Investment in China ISSN:1004-8146
Foreign Language Research ISSN:1000-0100 Foreign Language and Literature ISSN:1672-4720
Foreign Language Education ISSN:1000-5544 Foreign Language Teaching ISSN:1674-1234
Foreign Language Teaching and Research ISSN:1000-0429 Foreign Language World ISSN:1004-5112
Foreign Languages and Their Teaching ISSN:1004-6038 Foreign Languages in China ISSN:1672-9382
Foreign Languages Research ISSN:1005-7242 Foreign Literature ISSN:1002-5529
Foreign Literature and Art ISSN:1006-1142 Foreign Literature Review ISSN:1001-6368
Foreign Literature Studies ISSN:1003-7519 Foreign Literatures ISSN:1002-5014
Foreign Locomotive & Rolling Stock Technology ISSN:1007-6077 foreign medical information ISSN:1003-0395
Foreign Medical Sciences (Cancer Section) ISSN:1000-8225 Foreign Medical Sciences(Family Planning/Reproductive Health Fascicle) ISSN:1673-3282
Foreign Medical Sciences(Geriatrics) ISSN:1003-2665 Foreign Medical Sciences(Medical Education) ISSN:1001-1218
Foreign Medical Sciences(Obstet Gynecol Fascicle) ISSN:1003-479X Foreign Medical Sciences(Sanitation Economics) ISSN:1001-1137
Foreign Medical Sciences(Section Hygiene) ISSN:1001-1226 Foreign Medical Sciences(Section of Blood Transfusion and Heanatology) ISSN:1001-1013
Foreign Medical Sciences(Section of Medgeography) ISSN:1001-8883 Foreign Medical Sciences(Section of Pharmarcy) ISSN:1001-0971
Foreign Medical Sciences(Section of Radiation Medi ISSN:1001-098X Foreign Medical Sciences(Section of Virology) ISSN:1005-8508
Foreign Oil Field Engineering ISSN:1002-641X Foreign Petroleum Machinery ISSN:1007-5984
Foreign Philosophy ISSN:1007-6719 Foreign Rolling Stock ISSN:1002-7610
Foreign steel ISSN:1000-7113 Foreign Theoretical Trends ISSN:
Forensic Science and Technology ISSN:1008-3650 Forest & Humankind ISSN:1002-9990
Forest By-Product and Speciality in China ISSN:1001-6902 Forest Engineering ISSN:1001-005X
Forest Fire Prevention ISSN:1002-2511 Forest Inventory and Planning ISSN:1671-3168
Forest Investigation Design ISSN: Forest Pest and Disease ISSN:1671-0886
Forest Research ISSN:1001-1498 Forest Resources Management ISSN:1002-6622
Forest Science and Technology ISSN:1002-1159 Forestry and Society Journal ISSN:1005-3646
Forestry and Society Newsletter ISSN:1005-3646 Forestry Construction ISSN:1006-6918
Forestry Economics ISSN:1673-338X Forestry Finance & Accounting ISSN:1002-2503
Forestry Labour Safety ISSN:1006-5091 Forestry Machinery & Woodworking Equipment ISSN:1001-4462
Forestry of China ISSN:1000-0623 Forestry of Gansu ISSN:
Forestry of Shaanxi ISSN:1003-2460 Forestry of Shanxi ISSN:1005-4707
Forestry of Xinjiang ISSN:1005-3522 Forestry Prospect and Design ISSN:1004-2180
Forestry Public Security ISSN:1009-8038 Forestry Science & Technology ISSN:1001-9499
Forestry Science and Technology ISSN:1671-492X Forestry Science and Technology Information ISSN:1009-3303
Forestry Studies in China ISSN:1008-1321 forging & metalforming ISSN:1672-5638
Forging & Stamping Technology ISSN:1000-3940 Fortune Time ISSN:1004-0447
Fortune Wisdom ISSN:1672-819X Fortune World ISSN:1007-8959
Forum For Advancement ISSN:1007-6050 Forum for Chinese Literature of the World ISSN:1008-0163
Forum of Anesthesia and Monitoring ISSN:1682-9018 Forum of Arts ISSN:1673-2545
Forum of World Economy & Politics ISSN:1007-1369 Forum on Chinese Culture ISSN:1008-0139
Forum on Contemporary Education ISSN:1671-8305 Forum on Elementary Education Research ISSN:1004-1079
Forum on Science and Technology in China ISSN:1002-6711 Forum On Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1002-1078
Forward Position ISSN:1009-8267 Forward Position or Economics ISSN:1007-0680
Foshan Arts ISSN:1003-9058 Foshan Ceramics ISSN:1006-8236
Fossils ISSN:1000-3185 Found ISSN:1004-5023
Foundry Engineering ISSN:1673-3320 Foundry Technology ISSN:1000-8365
Franchise Market Magazine ISSN:1007-1199 Free Forum of Literature ISSN:1003-2789
Fresh Reading ISSN:1006-5784 Freshwater Fisheries ISSN:1000-6907
Friend for Senior Middle School Students ISSN:1672-5859 Friend of Chemical Industry ISSN:1004-0862
Friend of Chinese5 Fine Arts ISSN:1003-045X Friend of Science Amateurs ISSN:1000-8136
Friend of the Factory Directors & Managers ISSN:1004-1567 Friend(Oversea Edition) ISSN:1007-502X
Friends of Accounting ISSN:1004-5937 Friends of cadres ISSN:1009-8356
Friends of Film ISSN:1006-4478 Friends of Party Members and Cadres ISSN:1009-4180
Friends of Women ISSN:1002-400X Frontier Literature ISSN:1007-4155
Frontier Science ISSN:1673-8128 Frontiers ISSN:1006-9496
Fruit Growers' Friend ISSN:1671-7759 Fudan Education Forum ISSN:1672-0059
Fudan Journal(Social Sciences Edition) ISSN:0257-0289 Fuel & Chemical Processes ISSN:1001-3709
Fujian Accounting ISSN:1007-7421 Fujian Agricultural Machinery ISSN:1004-3969
Fujian Agricultural Science and Technology ISSN:0253-2301 Fujian Agriculture ISSN:0429-8047
Fujian Analysis & Testing ISSN:1009-8143 Fujian Architecture & Construction ISSN:1004-6135
Fujian Arts ISSN:1004-2075 Fujian Building Materials ISSN:1004-4728
Fujian Chemical Industry ISSN:1003-0735 Fujian communications ISSN:1006-5598
Fujian Computer ISSN:1673-2782 Fujian Construction Science & Technology ISSN:1006-3943
Fujian Dangshi Yuekan ISSN:1006-2254 Fujian Economy ISSN:1002-3003
Fujian Electric Power and Electrical Engineering ISSN:1006-0170 Fujian Environment ISSN:1002-3615
Fujian Finance ISSN:1002-2740 Fujian Fruits ISSN:1004-6089
Fujian G reported ISSN:1007-8894 Fujian Geography ISSN:1009-248X
Fujian History ISSN:1003-157X Fujian Hometown Magazine ISSN:1006-074X
Fujian hydro-electric power ISSN:1007-3663 Fujian Journal of Agricultural Sciences ISSN:1008-0384
Fujian Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary ISSN:1003-4331 Fujian Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN:1000-338X
Fujian Literature ISSN:0257-0297 Fujian Medical Journal ISSN:1002-2600
Fujian Quality Information ISSN:1006-7892 Fujian Quality Management ISSN:1673-9604
Fujian Science & Technology of Tropical Crops ISSN:1006-2327 Fujian Science and Technology of Rice and Wheat ISSN:1008-9799
Fujian Secondary School Teaching ISSN:1006-6381 Fujian Seismology ISSN:1005-2127
Fujian self-examination ISSN:1006-6527 Fujian Sports Science and Technology ISSN:1004-8790
Fujian Sugar ISSN:1006-0332 Fujian Tax Journal ISSN:1007-0877
Fujian Technical Supervision ISSN:1005-3263 Fujian Tribune(A Economics & Sociology Monthly) ISSN:1000-8780
Fujian Tribune(A Economics & Sociology Monthly) ISSN:1672-6847 Fujian Tribune(The Humanities & Social Sciences) ISSN:1671-8402
Fujian united front ISSN:1007-0001 Fumiture ISSN:1000-4629
Fun Tine ISSN:1005-2879 Furniture & Interior Decoration ISSN:1006-8260
Furniture and Surroundings ISSN:1002-3755 Future and Development ISSN:1003-0166
Fuzzy Systems and Mathematics ISSN:1001-7402