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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
ma fang zhi ji shu ISSN: 1005-8362 Machine Design and Research ISSN: 1006-2343
Machine Tool & Hydraulics ISSN: 1001-3881 Machine Tool Electric Apparatus ISSN: 1004-0420
Machinery ISSN: 1006-0316 Machinery ISSN: 1000-4998
Machinery & Electrical New Products Guide ISSN: 1003-0093 Machinery & Electronic Products Market ISSN: 1672-3260
Machinery & Electronics ISSN: 1001-2257 Machinery Design & Manufacture ISSN: 1001-3997
Machinery Industry Informatization and Network ISSN: 1672-481X Machinery Industry Standardization & Quality ISSN: 1007-6905
Machinist Metal Cutting ISSN: 1000-7768 Machinist Metal Forming ISSN: 1000-775X
Macroeconomic Management ISSN: 1004-907X Macroeconomics ISSN: 1008-2069
Magic Fantasy ISSN: 1673-9574 Mainland and Taiwan ISSN: 1003-1677
Man & Nature ISSN: 1671-3745 Man and the Biosphere ISSN: 1009-1661
Management & Technology of SME ISSN: 1673-1069 Management and Administration ISSN: 1003-3475
Management and Administration on Rural Cooperative ISSN: 1002-5596 Management and Administration on Rural Cooperative ISSN: 1672-0830
Management and Fortune ISSN: 1009-3532 Management and Research on Scientific & Technological Achievements ISSN: 1673-6516
Management and Review of Social Sciences ISSN: NULL Management of Agriculture Science and Technology ISSN: 1001-8611
Management of Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1007-9203 Management of Municipal Facilities ISSN: 1007-6352
Management World ISSN: 1002-5502 Manager ISSN: 1004-9312
Manager’Journal ISSN: 1003-6067 Manchu Studies ISSN: 1000-7873
mang yuan ISSN: 1003-2746 Mang Zhong literature ISSN: 1003-9309
Manufacturing Automation ISSN: 1009-0134 Manufacturing Information Engineering of China ISSN: 1672-1616
Manufacturing Technology & Machine Tool ISSN: 1005-2402 Manzu Literature ISSN: 1003-7012
Manzu Minority Research ISSN: 1006-365X mao ze dong si xiang lun tan ISSN: 1003-9600
Mao Zedong Thought Study ISSN: 1001-8999 Map ISSN: 1000-8128
Marine Electric & Electronic Technology ISSN: 1003-4862 Marine Energy Saving ISSN: 1673-6478
Marine Environmental Science ISSN: 1007-6336 Marine Equipment/Materials & Marketing ISSN: 1006-6969
Marine Fire ISSN: 1672-0156 Marine Fisheries ISSN: 1004-2490
Marine Fisheries Research ISSN: 1000-7075 Marine Forecasts ISSN: 1003-0239
Marine Geology & Quaternary Geology ISSN: 0256-1492 Marine Geology Letters ISSN: 1009-2722
Marine Information ISSN: 1005-1724 Marine Origin Petroleum Geology ISSN: 1672-9854
Marine Science Bulletin ISSN: 1000-9620 Marine Science Bulletin ISSN: 1001-6392
Marine Sciences ISSN: 1000-3096 Marine Technology ISSN: 1000-3878
Marine Technology ISSN: 1006-1738 Maritime China ISSN: 1673-6664
Maritime Education Research ISSN: 1006-8724 Maritime History Studies ISSN: 1006-8384
Market & Demographic Analysis ISSN: 1006-4346 Market Economic Journal ISSN: 1005-2356
Market Economy Research ISSN: 1004-9266 Market Forum ISSN: 1672-8777
Market Information of Household Appliance ISSN: 1005-3212 Market Modernization ISSN: 1006-3102
Market Weekly(New Logistics) ISSN: 1008-4428 Marketing & Management ISSN: 1009-8585
Marketing Research ISSN: 1672-4216 Marketng ISSN: 1009-1351
Markets & Administration ISSN: 1006-6454 Marriage Family ISSN: 1003-2991
Martial Historical Facts ISSN: 1002-4190 Marxism & Reality ISSN: 1004-5961
Maschinen Markt ISSN: 1671-9395 Masses ISSN: 0529-5459
Match Industrk ISSN: 1004-3659 Materials for Mechanical Engineering ISSN: 1000-3738
Materials from CPC History ISSN: 1005-6424 Materials Protection ISSN: 1001-1560
Materials Research and Application ISSN: 1673-9981 Materials Review ISSN: 1005-023X
Materials Science and Engineering ISSN: 1004-793X Materials Science and Engineering of Powder Metallurgy ISSN: 1673-0224
Materials Science and Technology ISSN: 1005-0299 Maternal and Child Health Care of China ISSN: 1001-4411
Mathematica Applicata ISSN: 1001-9847 Mathematica Numerica Sinica ISSN: 0254-7791
Mathematical Theory and Applications ISSN: 1006-8074 Mathematics in Economics ISSN: 1007-1660
Mathematics in Practice and Theory ISSN: 1000-0984 Mathematics Learning ISSN: 1007-8509
Mathematics Teacher ISSN: 1003-2770 Mathematics World ISSN: 1009-5608
Maths Physics & Chemistry For Middle School Students(Senior high School Edition) ISSN: 1001-6953 Maths Teaching In Middle School ISSN: 1002-2172
Maths Teaching in Middlg Schools ISSN: 1002-2171 Meadow ISSN: 1006-0618
Measurement & Control Technology ISSN: 1000-8829 Measurement Technique ISSN: 1000-0771
Meat Industry ISSN: 1008-5467 Meat Research ISSN: 1001-8123
Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Magazine ISSN: 1001-4551 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Technology ISSN: 1009-9492
Mechanical & Electrical Technique of Hydropower Station ISSN: 1672-5387 Mechanical & Electrical Technology ISSN: 1672-4801
Mechanical and Electrical Equipment ISSN: 1005-8354 Mechanical and Electrical Information ISSN: 1671-0797
Mechanical Engineer ISSN: 1002-2333 Mechanical Engineering & Automation ISSN: 1672-6413
Mechanical Management and Development ISSN: 1003-773X Mechanical Research & Application ISSN: 1007-4414
Mechanical Science and Technology for Aerospace Engineering ISSN: 1003-8728 Mechanics in Engineering ISSN: 1000-0879
Mechatronics ISSN: 1007-080X Media ISSN: 1009-9263
Media Observer ISSN: 1672-3406 Medical Academic Forum ISSN: 1005-0019
Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology ISSN: 1004-4949 Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology ISSN: 1004-4949
Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetology ISSN: 1004-4949 Medical and Health Care Instruments ISSN: 1006-2653
Medical Education(China) ISSN: 1002-7130 Medical Information ISSN: 1006-1959
Medical Journal of Chinese Civil Administration ISSN: 1002-4719 Medical Journal of Chinese People's Health ISSN: 1672-0369
Medical Journal of Chinese People's Health ISSN: 1672-0369 Medical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army ISSN: 0577-7402
Medical Journal of Communications ISSN: 1006-2440 Medical Journal of Dali College ISSN: 1004-4442
Medical Journal of Liaoning ISSN: 1001-1722 Medical Journal of National Defending Forces in North China ISSN: 1009-0878
Medical Journal of National Defending Forces in Northwest China ISSN: 1007-8622 Medical Journal of National Defending Forces in Southwest China ISSN: 1004-0188
Medical Journal of Qilu ISSN: 1008-0341 Medical Journal of the Chinese People's Armed Police Forces ISSN: 1004-3594
Medical Journal of Trauma and Disability ISSN: 1007-0354 Medical Journal of West China ISSN: 1672-3511
Medical Journal Wuhan University ISSN: 1671-8852 Medical Laboratory Science and Clinics ISSN: 1673-5013
Medical Recapitulate ISSN: 1006-2084 Medicine and Health Care ISSN: 1004-8650
Medicine and Pharmacy of Yunnan ISSN: 1006-4141 Medicine and Philosophy ISSN: 1002-0772
Medicine and Society ISSN: 1006-5563 Medicine World ISSN: 1008-6919
Medpharm & Health ISSN: 1002-3763 mei guo zhong hua jian kang wei sheng za zhi ISSN: 1094-4761
mei rong yuan ISSN: 1003-3335 mei shi dai ISSN: 1029-7650
mei wen (shang ban yue ) ISSN: 1004-8856 mei wen :shang ban yue ISSN: 1004-8855
mei xue ISSN: 1001-2567 Meitan Higher Education ISSN: 1004-8154
Meiyuan ISSN: 1003-5605 Meizhong Jingji Pinglun ISSN: 1536-9048
Melliand - China ISSN: 1007-6867 Membrane Science and Technology ISSN: 1007-8924
MEMORIES AND ARCHIVES ISSN: 1005-7501 meng ya ISSN: 0593-323X
Mental World ISSN: 1005-510X Merchants Weekly ISSN: 1009-6035
Merry generation ISSN: 1004-0145 Metal Forming Technology ISSN: 1000-8446
Metal Materials and Metallurgy Engineering ISSN: 1005-6084 Metal Mine ISSN: 1001-1250
Metal Mine Design & Construction ISSN: 1004-1273 Metal World ISSN: 1000-6826
Metalforming Machinery ISSN: 1001-1951 Metallic Functional Materials ISSN: 1005-8192
Metallic Ore Dressing Abroad ISSN: 1003-4129 Metallurgical Analysis ISSN: 1000-7571
Metallurgical Collections ISSN: 1671-3818 Metallurgical economics and management ISSN: 1002-1779
Metallurgical Equipment ISSN: 1001-1269 Metallurgical Equipment Management and Maintenance ISSN: 1006-5644
Metallurgical Financial Accounting ISSN: 1004-7336 Metallurgical Industry Automation ISSN: 1000-7059
Metallurgical Information Review ISSN: 1008-3618 Metallurgical Information Review ISSN: 1008-3456
Metallurgical Power ISSN: 1006-6764 Metallurgical Standardization & Quality ISSN: 1003-0514
Meteorlolgical and Environmental Sciences ISSN: 1673-7148 Meteorological Knowledge ISSN: 1000-0321
Meteorological Monthly ISSN: 1000-0526 Meteorological Science and Technology ISSN: 1671-6345
Meteorological,Hydrological and Marine Instruments ISSN: 1006-009X Meteorology and Disaster Reduction Research ISSN: 1007-9033
Meteorology Journal of Henan ISSN: 1004-6372 Meteorology Journal of Inner mongolia ISSN: 1005-8656
Metrology & Measurement Technique ISSN: 1004-6941 Metrology & Measurement Technology ISSN: 1002-6061
Micor Computer ISSN: 1002-140X Microbiology ISSN: 0253-2654
Microcomputer & its Applications ISSN: 1001-1927 Microcomputer Applications ISSN: 1003-1944
Microcomputer Applications ISSN: 1007-757X Microcomputer Development ISSN: 1005-3751
Microcontrollers & Embedded Systems ISSN: 1009-623X Microelectronic Technology ISSN: 1008-0147
Microelectronics ISSN: 1004-3365 Microelectronics & Computer ISSN: 1000-7180
Microfabrication Technology ISSN: 1003-8213 Micromotors ISSN: 1001-6848
Micronanoelectronic Technology ISSN: 1671-4776 Microprocessors ISSN: 1002-2279
Middle School Biology ISSN: 1003-7586 Middle school chemistry ISSN: 1007-8711
Middle School Kids Today ISSN: 1009-5341 Middle School Kids Today ISSN: 1009-5314
Middle School Mathematics ISSN: 1002-7572 Middle School Student ISSN: 1003-0204
Middle School Students Science Monthly ISSN: 1003-2703 Middle School Students Science Monthly ISSN: 1003-2703
Military Digest ISSN: 1005-3921 Military Economic Research ISSN: 1001-8093
Military Historical Research ISSN: 1009-3451 Military History ISSN: 1002-4883
Military Medical Journal of South China ISSN: 1009-2595 Military Operations Research and Systems Engineering ISSN: 1672-8211
Military Prospect ISSN: 1006-3455 Militia of The East China Sea ISSN: 1005-698X
min dong nong ye ke ji ISSN: min e shi gao ISSN: 1671-2005
min jian chuan qi gu shi (Ajuan ) ISSN: 1007-9076 min jian gu shi ISSN: 1005-3948
min jian wen hua ISSN: 1008-7214 min qing yu xin fang ISSN: 1003-675X
min ying ke ji ISSN: 1673-4033 min zu da jia ting ISSN: 1005-1953
Mine Construction Technology ISSN: 1002-6029 Mine Surveying ISSN: 1001-358X
Mineral Deposits ISSN: 0258-7106 Mineral Resources and Geology ISSN: 1001-5663
ming jia ISSN: 1008-1186 ming jian ISSN: 1007-9785
ming ren chuan ji :shang ban yue ISSN: 1002-6282 ming zuoxin shang :jian shang ban ISSN: 1006-0189
MING(Attitude) ISSN: 1673-8365 Minimally Invasive Medicine Journal ISSN: 1673-6575
Mining & Processing Equipment ISSN: 1001-3954 Mining and Metallurgical Engineering ISSN: 0253-6099
Mining and Metallurgy ISSN: 1005-7854 Mining Engineering ISSN: 1671-8550
Mining Engineering ISSN: 1671-8550 Mining Research and Development ISSN: 1005-2763
Mining Safety & Environmental Protection ISSN: 1008-4495 Mining Technology ISSN: 1671-2900
Minority Languages of China ISSN: 0257-5779 Missiles and Space Vehicles ISSN: 1004-7182
mo chou ISSN: 1003-7764 Mobile Communications ISSN: 1006-1010
Model Airplane ISSN: 1000-6885 Model World ISSN: 1008-8016
Modern Advertising ISSN: 1007-2888 Modern Agricultural Equipments ISSN: 1673-2154
Modern Agricultural Machinery ISSN: 1674-5604 Modern Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 1005-4650
Modern Agricultural Sciences ISSN: 1005-4650 Modern Agriculture ISSN: 1002-4298
Modern Agriculture ISSN: 1008-0708 Modern Agrochemicals ISSN: 1671-5284
Modern Animal Husbandry ISSN: 1005-5959 Modern Auditing and Accounting ISSN: 1007-8258
Modern Business ISSN: 1673-5889 Modern Business Trade Industry ISSN: 1672-3198
Modern Business Trade Industry ISSN: 1005-8109 Modern Business Trade Industry ISSN: 1672-3198
Modern Cast Iron ISSN: 1003-8345 Modern Chemical Industry ISSN: 0253-4320
Modern Chinese ISSN: 1008-8024 Modern Chinese ISSN: 1008-8024
Modern Chinese History ISSN: 1001-2672 Modern Chinese History Studies ISSN: 1001-6708
Modern Chinese Literature Researches Series ISSN: 1003-0263 Modern Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1673-4890
Modern Clinical Nursing ISSN: 1671-8283 Modern Commercial Banking ISSN: 1008-1232
Modern Communication ISSN: 1007-8770 Modern Communication ISSN: 1002-7149
Modern Components ISSN: 1672-657X Modern Computer ISSN: 1007-1423
Modern Computer ISSN: 1007-1423 Modern Daily Necessities ISSN: 1002-8013
Modern Decoration ISSN: 1003-9007 Modern Defence Technology ISSN: 1009-086X
Modern Diagnosis & Treatment ISSN: 1001-8174 Modern Digestion & Intervention ISSN: 1672-2159
Modern Distance Education ISSN: 1001-8700 Modern Distance Education Research ISSN: 1009-5195
Modern Economic Research ISSN: 1009-2382 Modern Economic Research ISSN: 1005-3999
Modern Economic Science ISSN: 1002-2848 Modern Education ISSN: NULL
Modern Education Science(Higher Education Research) ISSN: 1005-5843 Modern Educational Technology ISSN: 1009-8097
Modern Electric Power ISSN: 1007-2322 Modern Electronics Technique ISSN: 1004-373X
Modern Elegance ISSN: 1004-8294 Modern Enterprise ISSN: 1000-9671
Modern Enterprise Education ISSN: 1008-1496 Modern Finance and Economics-Journal of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics ISSN: 1005-1007
Modern Fisheries Information ISSN: 1004-8340 Modern Food Science & Technology ISSN: 1673-9078
Modern Food Science & Technology ISSN: 1673-9078 Modern Food Science and Technology ISSN: 1007-2764
Modern Foreign Languages ISSN: 1003-6105 Modern Health(Medicine Innovation Research) ISSN: 1671-7821
Modern Healthy People ISSN: 1009-704X Modern Horticulture ISSN: 1006-4958
Modern Hospital ISSN: 1671-332X Modern Hospital Management ISSN: 1672-4232
Modern Industry and Commerce ISSN: 1004-7414 Modern Information ISSN: 1008-0821
Modern Information Technology ISSN: 1009-3389 Modern Instruments ISSN: 1672-7916
Modern Journal of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine ISSN: 1672-9692 Modern Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine ISSN: 1008-8849
Modern Law Science ISSN: 1001-2397 Modern Leading ISSN: 1000-4513
Modern Literary Magazine ISSN: 1006-0820 Modern Machinery ISSN: 1002-6886
Modern Management Science ISSN: 1007-368X Modern Manufacturing Engineering ISSN: 1671-3133
Modern Manufacturing Technology and Equipment ISSN: 1673-5587 Modern Manufacturing Technology and Equipment ISSN: 1002-249X
Modern Marketing ISSN: 1009-2994 Modern Measurement and Test ISSN: 1005-3387
Modern Medical Imagelogy ISSN: 1006-7035 Modern Medical Journal ISSN: 1671-7562
Modern Medical Journal ISSN: 1671-7562 Modern Medical Science Apparatus and Application ISSN: 1005-8516
Modern Medicine & Health ISSN: 1009-5519 Modern Medicine Journal of China ISSN: 1672-9463
Modern Medicine Journal of China ISSN: 1008-5904 Modern Miner ISSN: 1002-8897
Modern Movie & TV Biweekly ISSN: 1003-0816 Modern Navy ISSN: 1006-6071
Modern Nursing ISSN: 1009-9689 Modern Occupational Safety ISSN: 1671-4156
Modern Occupational Safety ISSN: 1672-4156 Modern Paint and Finishing ISSN: 1007-9548
Modern Philosophy ISSN: 1000-7660 Modern Physics ISSN: 1001-0610
Modern Plastics Processing and Applications ISSN: 1004-3055 Modern Practical Medicine ISSN: 1671-0800
Modern Preventive Medicine ISSN: 1003-8507 Modern Primary and Secondary Education ISSN: 1002-1477
Modern Property Management ISSN: 1671-8089 Modern Quality ISSN: 1671-2617
Modern Radar ISSN: 1004-7859 Modern Rehabilitation ISSN: 1007-5496
Modern Science ISSN: 1671-4342 Modern Science ISSN: 1006-6284
Modern Science & Technology of Telecommunications ISSN: 1002-5316 Modern Scientific Instruments ISSN: 1003-8892
Modern Seed ISSN: 1672-1918 Modern Ships ISSN: 1003-2339
Modern Skill Development ISSN: 1005-4618 Modern Society ISSN: 1009-5349
Modern Sports ISSN: 1002-6169 Modern Surface Mounting Technology Information ISSN: 1054-3685
Modern Surveying and Mapping ISSN: 1672-4097 Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1672-0571
Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1002-1523 Modern Traditional Chinese Medicine ISSN: 1672-0571
Modern Traffic Management ISSN: 1007-743X Modern Transmission ISSN: 1673-5137
Modern Transportation Technology ISSN: 1672-9889 Modern Tunnelling Technology ISSN: 1009-6582
Modern University Education ISSN: 1671-1610 Modern Urban Research ISSN: 1009-6000
Modern Urban Transit ISSN: 1672-7533 Modern Vegetable ISSN: 1671-4660
Modern Vehicle Power ISSN: 1671-5446 Modern Vehicle Power ISSN: 1007-4589
Modern Village ISSN: 1671-475X Modern Weaponry ISSN: 1000-7385
Modern Women ISSN: 1007-4244 Modern World Police ISSN: 1004-1370
Modernization of Management ISSN: 1003-1154 Modernizing Agriculture ISSN: 1001-0254
Modular Machine Tool & Automatic Manufacturing Technique ISSN: 1001-2265 Molecular Cardiology of China ISSN: 1671-6272
Molecular Plant Breeding ISSN: 1672-416X Money China ISSN: 1009-2781
Money China ISSN: 1005-5983 Money Talks ISSN: 1672-8092
Money Weekly ISSN: 1009-9832 Mongolian Language and Literature ISSN: 1002-9273
Mongolian Studies Information ISSN: 1007-8452 Monthly Digest of the legal system ISSN: 1003-8663
Monthly Magazine ISSN: 1003-949X Monthly of Essays ISSN: 1009-2218
Morality and Civilization ISSN: 1007-1539 Morden Enterprise Culture ISSN: 1674-1145
Motion Picture & Video Technology ISSN: 1008-102X Motor China ISSN: 1008-3170
Motorcycle Information ISSN: 1007-2810 Motorcycle Technology ISSN: 1001-7666
MotoRcycle Trend ISSN: 1672-7371 Motorway ISSN: 1002-512X
Motuoche ISSN: 1002-6754 Mould &Die Project ISSN: 1727-2890
Mount Zhong ISSN: 1005-7595 Mountain Flowers ISSN: 0559-7218
Movable Power Station & Vehicle ISSN: 1003-4250 movie ISSN: 1003-7306
Movie ISSN: 1671-2528 Movie Literature ISSN: 0495-5692
Movie Review ISSN: 1002-6916 Movie View ISSN: 1001-5582
Movie World ISSN: 1006-6756 MT Wutai Researches ISSN: 1000-6176
mu dan ISSN: 1003-3459 Multimedia Square ISSN: 1009-3354
Multipurpose Utilization of Mineral Resources ISSN: 1000-6532 Municipal Administration and Technology ISSN: 1008-2271
Municipal Engineering Technology ISSN: 1009-7767 Music ISSN: 1005-2143
Music Fashion Humanism Inaugurate Cinema Youth Culture Photo Art ISSN: 1005-4626 Music for Children ISSN: 0421-3653
Music Life ISSN: 0512-7920 Music Lover ISSN: 1005-7749
Music Research ISSN: 0512-7939 music work ISSN: 0513-2436
Music World ISSN: 1003-6784 Musical Instrument ISSN: 1002-5995
Musicology in China ISSN: 1003-0042 My Money ISSN: 1672-6596
Mycosystema ISSN: 1007-3515 Mycosystema ISSN: 1672-6472