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Acta Edulis Fungi

ISSN 1005-9873 
Organizer: shang hai shi nong ye ke xue yuan shi yong jun yan jiu suo shang hai shi nong ye ke xue yuan nong ye ke ji xin xi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: shi yong jun xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Mushroom of" public offering of domestic and international academic department publications. Publishes domestic and international mushroom breeding, germplasm resources, physiology and biochemistry, the active ingredient, cultivation techniques and environmental control, pest control, preservation, processing, safety and quality control, product research and development associated with the mushroom industry research report papers, literature review, research presentation. Edible main audience is professional teaching and research staff, production units of the technical staff, production, supply and marketing related to leadership and management. Welcome to Mushroom professional research staff, teaching staff, management staff and readers and contribution of articles, subscriptions. 2008 "mushroom of" for the A4 version, 90 pages, price 15 yuan each, the annual price 82 yuan (including registered postage). Self-management issue. (Translated by machine.)