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Academic Forum of Nandu

ISSN 1002-6320 
Organizer: nan yang shi fan xue yuan  
Publisher: nan du xue tan bian ji bu  
Description: "Academic Forum" was founded Nanyang Normal University academic journals, formerly known as "Nanyang Teachers College," founded in 1981, its present name in 1987, domestic and overseas public offering in 1989. Prior to 2001 consisting of social sciences and natural sciences two pages, bimonthly, 1,2,4,5 for the Social Sciences, 3,6 for the Natural Science, 10, published every single month. Piyou Han cultural studies, historical studies, Dream research, education and teaching of literature, secondary education, research and other columns. Since 2002, mainly to the History and Philosophy, bi-monthly, to adjust part of the Columns, to retain the original of the Han cultural studies, historical studies, Dream studies, literature section, deleting the original part teaching and research of education, the abolition Natural Science, shed Law studies, politics and economics section. "Academic Forum" full advantage of our school subjects, highlighting the History key, in the Chinese cultural studies, literature and other aspects of the characteristics. Its main task is to: uphold Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, implement the Hundred Flowers policy, theory and practice, school Wai reported on literature, history, philosophy and other aspects of the research results, technical approach, comprehensive review for promote the university's teaching and research services to domestic and international academic exchanges. Its main target is the institutions of higher education students, teachers and researchers concerned units. "Academic Forum," the founding date, has published more than 110 period, more than 4,300 articles published article. Published a large number of high-quality academic articles, have a good social repercussions. Was "Xinhua Digest", "National People's Congress press copy data", "Abstracts of Journals of Universities" and received more than 95% pick, according to the Ministry of Information CENTRAL large financial statistics, 1994,1995,1996,1997,1998,1999,2000 years, these publications were closed pick 16,11,15,11,36,16,8 articles, respectively, in the national ranking 11,23,9,19,1,6,8 bit Teachers; 2001,2002, respectively, Abstract The publication received by articles 21,22, in the National Normal University (including Teachers College) ranked 30,28 bit, especially in 1998, jumping to the National Teachers list, can be described as the most brilliant achievements of the year; journal concerned with the social reality theory with practice, for the problems in reform and opening up topics to research closely integrated with social practice, most of the relevant papers published to provide reference or basis for decision-making. Provincial Propaganda Department has been, the provincial Education Commission, the Provincial Science and Technology Commission, the Provincial Council of Social Service, Nanyang City, Nanyang Municipal Science and Technology and other research awards of more than 300 Pianci. "Academic Forum," the political direction is always the first place, persist in reform and innovation, strengthen quality awareness, strict quality manuscripts, Yue Teachers, local, being in the academic, to do out of the publication characteristics. 1991 issued by the Press and Publication Bureau of Henan Province Column Award of Excellence; 1998-1999 2000 to-2001, Continuous Press and Publication Bureau of Henan Province as a journal of higher learning by the National Research Council as the first and second hundred of the country and China Journal of Social Science Core Humanities Journals, 1995, the Board of Education held in 2000 in Henan Province, the first and second of three excellent provincial competitions in the college was named best of the first prize. "China Education" Zeng Yi adhere to the correct political orientation, the use of cultural city advantages, Nanyang Teachers College Features for the title made any reports. "Academic Forum" Publication and awards in January 1981 and the establishment of Nanyang Teachers College of founding editorial board, is a School Office of Academic Affairs in January 1987 Nanyang Teachers College changed its name to "Academic Forum" and independent institution for the division-level units January 1989 Nanyang Teachers College, "Academic Forum" for domestic and international public offering, Issue: CN41-1157 1989 年 4 月 25 日 of Research of Henan second secondary Teachers Annual Conference held in 1991 in Nanyang Nanyang Teachers College in March, "Academic Forum" was issued by Press and Publication Bureau of Henan Province Henan Province, the first Column in Social Science Journals Award of Excellence May 11, 1991, "China Education" 2 to uphold the correct political direction advantages of using cultural city, Nanyang Teachers College Features for the title of "Academic Forum" made a report September 10, 1991 Nanyang Teachers College, "Academic Forum" editorial by the school awarded the honorary title of advanced collective in 1995 August 24, "Academic Forum" (Social Science) in the 1994 Universities of Henan Province, the first system has been outstanding in three excellent rating of the first prize winner: Jiu-Yao Wang, Liu Taixiang, white then jun, Lee Wai Law, Li Jingrui; " Academic Forum "(NATURAL SCIENCE EDITION) in the 1994 Universities of Henan Province, the first three excellent system of appraisal by the outstanding editorial quality award winners: Xudeng Lin, Lu Yi new Zhengqing An, Li Jingrui. Award certificate issued by the Board of Education of Henan Province. September 10, 1999 Nanyang Teachers College, "Academic Forum" was the National College of Liberal Arts Social Science Research Council awarded the first hundred of the country in January 2000 the title of "Academic Forum" was rated as a Press and Publication Bureau of Henan Province Journal April 21, 2000 Nanyang Teachers College, "Academic Forum" Universities in Henan Province, the second received three excellent ratings in the best of the first prize 17 July 2000 Nanyang Teachers College, "Academic Forum" in the College of Natural Science of the Chinese Academy Committee will be three excellent appraisal of the first prize as best of Nanyang Normal University in 2002, "Academic Forum" was named one of Henan Journal of Press and Publication Bureau of Nanyang Normal University in 2002 "Academic Forum" by the National University Humanities Research Council grant of the second hundred of the title of the National Social Science, and was rated as the core of the Chinese Journal of Humanities and Social Science More ... (Translated by machine.)