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Aerospace Control

ISSN 1006-3242 
Organizer: bei jing hang tian zi dong kong zhi yan jiu suo  
Publisher: hang tian kong zhi bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a domestic public offering of central journal, founded in March 1983, is accomplished by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Industry for the Beijing Aerospace Automatic Control Institute, Beijing Institute of Control Engineering and Shanghai, such as three units of eight United host, the space vehicle, space vehicle guidance navigation and control systems and related emission control system for ground testing of professional and technical publications. This publication is a high degree of strategic technology vision and insight into current developments in the field of international aerospace control the direction and trend of space control technology widely reported new theories, new applications involving automatic control, computer, electronics, physics, mathematics and other basic and professional disciplines, is the field of automatic control technology in aerospace applications authoritative technical journals. (Translated by machine.)