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Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments
2014 Issue 3
Perspective on the Location of the Analytical and Testing Instrumental Center in the New Era
KANG Jing-wu;The Analytical and Testing Instrumental Center;Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Review of Research on Application of Aptamer in Detection of Heavy Metals Ions
GUO Zhan-kui;WANG Yao-guang;GAO Liang;WEI Qin;Key Laboratory of Chemical Sensing & Analysis in Universities of Shandong;School of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering;University of Jinan;
Advancements in Bio-Mass Spectrometry Based Quantitative Proteomics
ZHANG Lei;YIN Hong-rui;ZHANG Ying;LU Hao-jie;Institutes of Biomedical Sciences and Department of Chemistry;Fudan University;
Molecular Biological Methods for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Cry Insecticidal Proteins in Transgenic Bt Cotton
LI Yan-liang;FANG Zhi-xiang;YOU Jing;State Key Laboratory of Organic Geochemistry;Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Key Laboratory of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer in South Region of Ministry of Agriculture/Guangdong Key Laboratory of Nutrient Cycling and Farmland Conservation;Institute of Agricultural Resources and Environment;Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences;Ministry of Environmental Protection of China;
Analysis of Fatty Acids in Nitraria Roborowskii Kom by Pre-Column Derivatization Coupled with High Performance Liquid Chromatography with Fluorescence Detection
HU Na;SUO You-rui;Northwest Institute of Plateau Biology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;Academy of Agriculture and Forestry;Qinghai University;University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Scanning Electron Microscope Analysis of Sm2Co17 Type Permanent Magnet Alloy for High Temperature
YAN Yao;BAO Sheng-xiang;CHENG Ling-li;TAN Fu-ming;ZHANG Ming;State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices;University of Electronic Science and Technology of China;Southwest Institute of Applied Magnetics;
Analysis of Laser Typing Spots at Gold-Plated Kovar Alloy Cavity
ZHENG Yu-wei;BAO Sheng-xiang;RAO Zhen-zhen;ZHANG Cheng-shi;YAN Yao;State Key Laboratory of Electronic Thin Films and Integrated Devices;University of Electronic Science and Technology of China;
Analysis of Active Components in Cortex Daphnes by Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatography
HUANG Duan-hua;LU Ming-hua;ZHANG Lan;FuJian Chuan Zheng Communication College;Safety and Environmental Engineering Department;Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Analysis and Detection for Food Safety;College of Chemistry;Testing Center;Fuzhou University;
Analysis of Ethanol Washing Solution in Synthesis of PPS by Capillary Column Gas Chromatography
WEI Xiu-ping;Research Institute of Sinopec Tianjin Company;
Ill-Conditioning Analysis of Matrix with Respect to Fluorescence Spectral Calibration
LI Bin;ZHAO Yi-he;ZHANG Tao;JIA Er-hui;First Research Institute of Ministry of Public Security of China;
Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Gas Flow Type Proportional Counter of ZSX PrimusⅡ X-Ray Fluoresence Spectrometer
WU Yong-zhi;DANG Liang;LIU Jiang-bin;ZHU Jian-guo;Lanzhou Testing and Quality Supervision Center for Geological and Mineral Products;Ministry of Land and Resources;