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Analysis and Testing Technology and Instruments

ISSN 1006-3757 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue yuan zong he ji hua ju ; zhong guo ke xue yuan lan zhou fen yuan fen xi ce shi zhong xin ; zhong guo ke xue yuan lan zhou hua xue wu li yan jiu suo  
Publisher: fen xi ce shi ji shu yu yi qi bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is approved by the National Science and Technology Commission public offering to domestic and foreign technical quarterly, comprehensive plan by the Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Testing Center and sponsored by the Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Established in 1992, at the time to fill the gaps in technical journals Chinese Academy of Sciences. 10 years, it is charged with the dissemination of technology, communication, discussion and course development guide, and always to the prosperity of testing scientific mission, has been the national scientific research, universities, factories, enterprises love of science and technology workers. Publication of services mainly in the research, the analysis of the education system under the test center, open laboratory, analytical testing laboratory businesses and foreign counterparts engaged in scientific research such as analysis and testing work, teachers of science and technology and related industries workers. Journal published whom a new technology, new theories, new methods, new results of the garden, and will follow the combination of technical and academic, applied and basic principle of combining the content to highlight a new word. Proved more accurate positioning purposes, with good development prospects, and very consistent with the development of Chinese Academy of Sciences journal fifth Plan (draft) proposed: ... ... the proper development of technical journals, to increase science journals and English periodicals the number of varieties ... ... the main task. Therefore, the publication in the 21st century knowledge economy will have a strong vitality. (Translated by machine.)