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Amino Acids and Biotic Resources

ISSN 1006-8376 
Organizer: wu han da xue wu han shi ke xue ji shu qing bao yan jiu suo  
Publisher: an ji suan he sheng wu zi yuan bian ji bu  
Description: Is the only publication featuring a kind of amino acid journals. Biological resources into research, conservation and use; sideline Resource Research and Utilization; biological technology and products; amino acid production technology; amino acids and biological resources and human health; analytical techniques; amino acid application; biotechnology industry and life science workers, 8 columns. In the life sciences, resource science, biological engineering, feed science, food science, medical science, nutrition and other areas welcome. Articles by domestic and database are included in many abstracts. Readers are mainly scientific and technical workers; colleges and students; technicians and workers.  (Translated by machine.)