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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Pacific Journal ISSN:1004-8049 Package and Design ISSN:1007-4759
Packaging and Food Machinery ISSN:1005-1295 Packaging Engineering ISSN:1001-3563
Packaging World ISSN:1003-9929 Pain Clinic Journal ISSN:1672-9633
Paint & Coatings Industry ISSN:0253-4312 Painting & Calligraphy Art ISSN:1004-4809
Palace Museum Journal ISSN:0452-7402 Paper and Paper Making ISSN:1001-6309
Paper Chemicals ISSN:1007-2225 Paper Science & Technology ISSN:1671-4571
Parasitosis and Infectious Diseases ISSN:1672-2116 Parenteral & Enteral Nutrition ISSN:1007-810X
Parenting Science ISSN:1000-727X Parents ISSN:1006-7485
Party & Government Forum ISSN:1006-1754 Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence ISSN:1003-6059
PC Diy ISSN:1009-3273 PC Fan ISSN:1672-528X
PC Magazine China ISSN:1006-3145 PC Maintenance and Application ISSN:1006-5059
PC Newtimes ISSN:1009-6795 PC School ISSN:1009-2331
PC Shopper ISSN:1009-0886 PC World China ISSN:1006-8708
Peace and Development ISSN:1006-6241 Pearl River ISSN:1001-9235
Pearl River Water Transport ISSN:1672-8912 Pediatric Emergency Medicine ISSN:1007-9459
Pedosphere ISSN:1002-0160 Peking University Education Review ISSN:1671-9468
Peking University Law Journal ISSN:1002-4875 People ISSN:1009-8062
People's Congress Studying ISSN:1009-0932 People's Digest ISSN:1009-5950
People's Education ISSN:0448-9365 peoples judicature ISSN:1002-4603
People's Liberation Army Literature and Art ISSN:0577-7410 People's Military Surgeon ISSN:1000-9736
Peoples Music ISSN:0447-6573 People's Police ISSN:1004-5031
People's Police ISSN:1004-7506 People's Political Scene ISSN:1007-1016
People's Procuratorial Monthly ISSN:1004-4043 People's Tribune ISSN:1004-3381
Performing Arts ISSN:1005-2976 Periodical of Ocean University of China ISSN:1672-5174
Persnnel world magailine ISSN:1005-4723 Perspectives of Scientific and Technological Achievement ISSN:1005-5096
Perspectives on Education ISSN:1009-8186 Pesticide Market News ISSN:
Pesticide Registration Public Announcement ISSN:1008-1364 Pesticide Science and Administration ISSN:1002-5480
Petrel ISSN:0438-3818 Petro & Chemical Equipment ISSN:1009-6736
Petrochemical Design ISSN:1005-8168 Petro-Chemical Equipment ISSN:1000-7466
Petro-Chemical Equipment Technology ISSN:1006-8805 Petrochemical Industry Application ISSN:1673-5285
Petrochemical Industry Technology ISSN:1006-0235 Petrochemical Safety and Environmental Protection Technology ISSN:1673-8659
Petrochemical Safety Technology ISSN:1006-3218 Petrochemical Technology ISSN:1000-8144
Petrochemical Technology & Application ISSN:1009-0045 Petrochemical Technology in Jinshan ISSN:
Petroleum & Chemical Construction ISSN:1672-9323 Petroleum & Petrochemical Today ISSN:1009-6809
Petroleum Asphalt ISSN:1006-7450 Petroleum Education ISSN:1005-8834
Petroleum Engineering Construction ISSN:1001-2206 Petroleum Enterprise Management ISSN:1006-4745
Petroleum Exploration and Development ISSN:1000-0747 Petroleum Geology & Oilfield Development in Daqing ISSN:1000-3754
Petroleum Geology and Engineering ISSN:1673-8217 Petroleum Geology and Experiment ISSN:1001-6112
Petroleum Geology and Recovery Efficiency ISSN:1009-9603 Petroleum Instruments ISSN:1004-9134
Petroleum Knowledge ISSN:1003-4609 Petroleum Planning & Engineering ISSN:1004-2970
Petroleum Processing and Petrochemicals ISSN:1005-2399 Petroleum Products Application Research ISSN:1006-1479
Petroleum Refinery Engineering ISSN:1002-106X Petroleum Science ISSN:1672-5107
Pharmaceutical & Engineering Design ISSN:1008-455X Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research ISSN:1673-7806
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology ISSN:1005-8915 Pharmaceutical Care and Research ISSN:1671-2838
Pharmaceutical Education ISSN:1007-3531 Pharmaceutical Journal of Chinese People's Liberation Army ISSN:1008-9926
Pharmacology and Clinics of Chinese Materia Medica ISSN:1001-859X Pharmacy Today ISSN:1674-229X
Philatelic ISSN:0529-0325 Philatelic Panorama ISSN:1002-5898
Philharmonic ISSN:1006-9763 Philosophical Researches ISSN:1000-0216
Philosophical Trends ISSN:1002-8862 Phosphate & Compound Fertilizer ISSN:1007-6220
Photo & Video ISSN:1006-4788 Photo China ISSN:1003-7233
Photo Story ISSN:1007-4198 Photographers Companion ISSN:1004-0153
Photographic Science and Photochemistry ISSN:1000-3231 Photon Technology ISSN:
Physical Experiment of College ISSN:1007-2934 Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis Part A:Physical Testing ISSN:1001-4012
Physical Testing and Chemical Analysis Part B:Chemical Analysis ISSN:1001-4020 Physics ISSN:0379-4148
Physics and Engineering ISSN:1009-7104 Physics Bulletin ISSN:0509-4038
Physics Examination and Testing ISSN:1001-0777 Physics Experimentation ISSN:1005-4642
Physics of Guangxi ISSN:1003-7551 Physics Teacher ISSN:1002-042X
Physics Teaching ISSN:1002-0748 Physics Teaching In Middle School ISSN:1002-218X
Piano Artistry ISSN:1006-9844 Pictorial for Babies ISSN:1004-0072
Pictorial of Physical Education and Health ISSN:1005-8222 Piezoelectrics & Acoustooptics ISSN:1004-2474
Pigs and Poultry ISSN:1001-0769 Pigs and Poultry ISSN:1001-0769
Pigs Today ISSN:1671-9050 Pioneering With Science & Technology Monthly ISSN:1672-2272
Pioneering With Science and Technology ISSN:1671-3265 Pipeline Technology and Equipment ISSN:1004-9614
PLA Health ISSN:1000-9701 Planners ISSN:1006-0022
Plant Doctor ISSN:1007-1067 Plant Fiber Sciences in China ISSN:1673-7636
Plant Maintenance Engineering ISSN:1001-0599 Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science ISSN:1008-505X
Plant Physiology Communications ISSN:0412-0922 Plant Protection ISSN:0529-1542
Plant Protection Technology and Extension ISSN:1004-7255 Plant Quarantine ISSN:1005-2755
Planting and Breeding ISSN:1007-8347 Plants ISSN:1000-0631
Plasma Science and Technology ISSN:1009-0630 Plastic Additives ISSN:1672-6294
Plastics ISSN:1001-9456 Plastics Industry ISSN:1726-264X
Plastics Packaging ISSN:1006-9828 Plastics Science and Technology ISSN:1005-3360
Plateau Earthquake Research ISSN:1005-586X Plateau Meteorology ISSN:1000-0534
Plating & Finishing ISSN:1001-3849 Play Monthly ISSN:0578-0659
Playwright ISSN:1001-3768 Poem Selection Magazine ISSN:1009-1688
Poetry Monthly ISSN:1009-8216 Poetry Monthly ISSN:0583-0230
Police ISSN:1005-300X Police ISSN:1005-6556
Police ISSN:1007-7960 Police Education and Training ISSN:1009-0371
Police Science Digest ISSN:1004-7166 Police Technology ISSN:1009-9875
Police Today ISSN:1003-9325 Police World ISSN:1006-1967
Policedog ISSN:1009-9565 Policing Studies ISSN:1005-1821
Policy ISSN:1005-7455 Policy & Management ISSN:1007-9696
Policy Research ISSN:1003-5417 Political Education ISSN:1006-1649
Political Science and Law ISSN:1005-9512 POlitical Workers ISSN:1003-6334
Pollution Control Technology ISSN:1004-695X Polyester Industry ISSN:1008-8261
Polymer Materials Science & Engineering ISSN:1000-7555 Polymers ISSN:1006-2416
Polyurethane ISSN:1812-7959 Polyurethane Industry ISSN:1005-1902
Polyvinyl Chloride ISSN:1009-7937 Pop Automobile ISSN:1006-9836
Pop Digital ISSN:1673-906X POP GAME ISSN:1007-7464
POP Hard ISSN:1672-0326 POP PHOTO ISSN:0494-4372
POP SOFT ISSN:1007-0060 Popular Business ISSN:1009-8283
Popular Business ISSN:1009-8283 Popular Computer Fan ISSN:1009-6973
Popular Financing ISSN:1672-5964 Popular Literature ISSN:1005-8338
Popular Mechanics ISSN:1009-3982 Popular Medicine ISSN:1000-8470
Popular Psychology ISSN:1004-6100 Popular Science Nobel ISSN:1006-3315
Popular songs ISSN:1003-5907 Popular Standardization ISSN:1007-1350
Popular Tribune ISSN:1002-9842 Popular Utilization of Electricity ISSN:1008-9454
Population & Economics ISSN:1000-4149 Population and Development ISSN:1674-1668
Population and Family Planning ISSN:1004-8197 Population Journal ISSN:1004-129X
Population Research ISSN:1000-6087 Port & Waterway Engineering ISSN:1002-4972
Port Economy ISSN:1009-7899 Port Engineering Technology ISSN:1004-9592
Port Health Control ISSN:1008-5777 Port Operation ISSN:1000-8969
Portrait Photography ISSN:1002-7211 Poultry Husbandry and Disease Control ISSN:1008-3847
Poultry Science ISSN:1673-1085 Poultry Science ISSN:1673-1085
Powder Metallurgy Industry ISSN:1006-6543 Powder Metallurgy Technology ISSN:1001-3784
Power Capacitor $ Reactive Power Compensation ISSN:1674-1757 Power Capacitors ISSN:1002-0349
Power Demand Side Management ISSN:1009-1831 Power Electronics ISSN:1000-100X
Power Equipment ISSN:1671-086X Power Station Auxiliary Equipment ISSN:1672-0210
Power Supply Technologles and Applications ISSN:0219-2713 Power System Engineering ISSN:1005-006X
Power System Technology ISSN:1000-3673 PR Magazine ISSN:1673-0445
Practical Audio-Visual Technique ISSN:1008-7559 Practical Clinical Journal of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine ISSN:1671-4040
Practical Clinical Medicine ISSN:1009-8194 Practical Forestry Technology ISSN:1671-4938
Practical Geriatrics ISSN:1003-9198 Practical Journal of Cancer ISSN:1001-5930
Practical Journal of Cardiac Cerebral Pneumal and Vascular Disease ISSN:1008-5971 Practical Journal of Clinical Medicine ISSN:1672-6170
Practical Journal of Medicine & Pharmacy ISSN:1671-4008 Practical Journal of Rural Doctor ISSN:1006-4850
Practical Journalism ISSN:1004-9029 Practical Measurement Technology ISSN:1006-317X
Practical New Medicine ISSN:1185-1672 Practical Preventive Medicine ISSN:1006-3110
Practice and Theory ISSN:1006-1541 Practice and Theory of Sezs ISSN:1673-5706
Practice in Foreign Economic Relations and Trade ISSN:1003-5559 Pratacultural Science ISSN:1001-0629
Prataculture & Animal Husbandry ISSN:1673-8403 Precious Metals ISSN:1004-0676
Precise Manufacturing & Automation ISSN:1009-962X Pregnancy & Parenting ISSN:1005-3859
Preschool Education ISSN:1000-4130 Present Ideological Trends ISSN:1003-7276
Presentday Law Science ISSN:1672-769X Press and Publishing Guide Journal ISSN:1002-2686
Press Circles ISSN:1007-2438 Press Outpost ISSN:1003-2827
Press Research ISSN:1005-1147 Pressure Vessel Technology ISSN:1001-4837
Prevention and Treatment of Cardio-Cerebral-Vascular Disease ISSN:1009-816X Preventive Medicine Tribune ISSN:1672-9153
Price and Market ISSN:1002-1736 Price:Theory & Practice ISSN:1003-3971
Prices Monthly ISSN:1006-2025 Primary and Middle School Educational Technology ISSN:1671-7503
Primary School Teaching Research ISSN:1006-284X Prime of youth ISSN:1007-5070
Print China ISSN:1673-6451 Print Today ISSN:1002-6533
Print World ISSN:1008-1259 Printed Circuit Information ISSN:1009-0096
Printing Field ISSN:1004-6267 Printing Quality & Standardization ISSN:1008-5602
Printing Technology of Publishing and Commercial P ISSN:1003-1960 Probe ISSN:1007-5194
Problems of Forestry Economics ISSN:1005-9709 Proceeding of Clinical Medicine ISSN:1671-8631
Proceedings of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering ISSN:0258-8013 Proceedings of the Chinese Society of Universities ISSN:1003-8930
Process Automation Instrumentation ISSN:1000-0380 Process Equipment & Piping ISSN:1009-3281
Procuratorial View ISSN:1005-5444 Productivity Research ISSN:1004-2768
Professional Lighting Design ISSN:1009-7163 Programmable controller & Factory Automation(PLC & ISSN:1606-5123
Programmer ISSN:1672-3252 Progress in Astronomy ISSN:1000-8349
Progress in Biochemistry and Biophysics ISSN:1000-3282 Progress in Biotechnology ISSN:1003-3505
Progress in Chemistry ISSN:1005-281X Progress in Exploration Geophysics ISSN:1671-8585
Progress in Fishery Sciences ISSN:1000-7075 Progress in Geography ISSN:1007-6301
Progress in Geophysics ISSN:1004-2903 Progress in Japanese Medicine ISSN:1002-3372
Progress in Microbiology and Immunology ISSN:1005-5673 Progress in Modern Biomedicine ISSN:1673-6273
Progress in Natural Science ISSN:1002-008X Progress in Natural Science ISSN:1002-0071
Progress in Obstetrics and Gynecology ISSN:1004-7379 Progress in Pharmaceutical Sciences ISSN:1001-5094
Progress in Physics ISSN:1000-0542 Progress in Physiological Sciences ISSN:0559-7765
Progress in Precambrian Research ISSN:1007-6956 Progress in Preventive Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1008-2034
Progress in Steel Building Structures ISSN:1671-9379 Progress in Textile Science & Technology ISSN:1673-0356
Progress in Veterinary Medicine ISSN:1007-5038 Progress of Anatomical Sciences ISSN:1006-2947
Project Management ISSN:1007-4104 Project Management Technology ISSN:1672-4313
Property Rights Guide ISSN:1672-8890 Protection Forest Science and Technology ISSN:1005-5215
Psychological Development and Education ISSN:1001-4918 Psychological Exploration ISSN:1003-5184
Psychological Science ISSN:1671-6981 Psychology and Health ISSN:1005-7064
Public Administration & Law ISSN:1007-8207 Public expenditure and procurement ISSN:1671-7937
Public Finance Research ISSN:1003-2878 Public Medical Forum Magazine ISSN:1672-1721
Public Relations ISSN:1001-0653 Public Relations World ISSN:1005-3239
Public Science ISSN:1002-6908 Public Utilities ISSN:1001-599X
Publication & Distribucation ISSN:1007-4422 Publications of the Yunnan Observatoty ISSN:1001-7526
Publishing & Printing ISSN:1007-1938 Publishing Economy ISSN:1008-4177
PUBLISHING JOURNAL ISSN:1009-5853 Publishing Research ISSN:1001-9316
Pudong Development ISSN:1007-1598 Pump Technology ISSN:1002-7424
PUPIL HORIZON ISSN:1672-5689 Pupils ISSN:1003-8795
Pure and Applied Mathematics ISSN:1008-5513 Purple Light Pavilion ISSN:1005-2771