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Journal Name ISSN Journal Name ISSN
Eagle Inflight Magazine ISSN:1004-9576 Early Childhood Curriculum ISSN:1673-9531
Early Childhood Education ISSN:1004-4604 Early Childhood Education ISSN:1004-4604
Early Education ISSN:1005-6017 Early Education ISSN:1005-6017
Early Education ISSN:1005-6017 Earth and Environment ISSN:1672-9250
Earth Science Frontiers ISSN:1005-2321 Earth Science-Journal of China University of Geosciences ISSN:1000-2383
Earthquake ISSN:1000-3274 Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration ISSN:1671-3664
Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration ISSN:1671-3664 Earthquake Research in China ISSN:1001-4683
Earthquake Research in China ISSN:0891-4176 Earthquake Research in Shanxi ISSN:1000-6265
Earthquake Research in Sichuan ISSN:1001-8115 Earthquake Resistant Engineering and Retrofitting ISSN:1002-8412
East China Economic Management ISSN:1007-5097 East China Electric Power ISSN:1001-9529
East China Forest Management ISSN:1004-7743 East China Highway ISSN:1001-7291
East China Science Technology ISSN:1006-8465 East Economy ISSN:1006-7965
East European Russian & Central Asian Studies ISSN:1005-1775 Eastern women ISSN:1007-7219
Eastern Youth ISSN:1002-4727 E-Business Journal ISSN:1009-6108
Ecological Culture ISSN:1009-5454 Ecological Economy ISSN:1671-4407
Ecological Economy ISSN:1673-0178 Ecological Science ISSN:1008-8873
Ecology and Environment ISSN:1672-2175 Ecology and Environmental Sciences ISSN:1674-5906
Ecology of Domestic Animal ISSN:1004-5228 Economic & Trade Herald ISSN:1006-7698
Economic & Trade Practice ISSN:1671-3494 Economic & Trade Update ISSN:1672-2949
Economic Affairs ISSN:1007-0486 Economic and Social Development ISSN:1672-2728
Economic Geography ISSN:1000-8462 Economic Herald ISSN:1004-8669
Economic history ISSN:1001-3385 Economic Issues in China ISSN:1000-4181
Economic Management ISSN:1002-5766 Economic Monthly ISSN:1672-8637
Economic Outlook ISSN:1007-9920 Economic Outlook the Bohaisea ISSN:1004-9754
Economic Research Guide ISSN:1673-291X Economic Research Journal ISSN:0577-9154
Economic Review ISSN:1005-3425 Economic Review ISSN:1007-7685
Economic Science ISSN:1002-5839 Economic Survey ISSN:1006-1096
Economic Theory and Business Management ISSN:1000-596X Economic Tribune ISSN:1003-3580
Economic Vision ISSN:1672-3309 Economic Work Monthly ISSN:1005-1961
Economic Working Guide Periodical ISSN:1004-9320 Economics Information ISSN:1002-8390
Economist ISSN:1003-5656 Economy & Science of China ISSN:1005-1333
Economy and Law ISSN:1002-4220 Economy and Management ISSN:1003-3890
Economy and Management Digest ISSN:1002-8668 Economy of SEZ and Hong Kong,Macao and Taiwan ISSN:1008-3286
Edible Fungi ISSN:1000-8357 Edible Fungi of China ISSN:1003-8310
Edible Fungi of Zhejiang ISSN:1674-1188 Editors Bimonthly ISSN:1007-3884
Editors' Friend ISSN:1003-6687 EDN China ISSN:1023-7364
Education ISSN:1001-2869 Education & Economy ISSN:1003-4870
Education and Cultivation ISSN:1008-2549 Education and Cultivation ISSN:1008-2549
Education and Cultivation ISSN:1008-2549 Education and Examinations ISSN:1673-7865
Education and Modernization ISSN:1007-3051 Education and Vocation ISSN:1004-3985
Education Art ISSN:1002-2821 Education Exploration ISSN:1002-0845
Education in Chemistry ISSN:1005-6629 Education Journal for Senior Citizens ISSN:1002-3402
Education of Chinese Medicine ISSN:1003-305X Education of Geography ISSN:1005-5207
Education Science ISSN:1002-8064 Education Science & Culture Magazine ISSN:1672-7894
Education Science Forum ISSN:1673-4289 Education Today ISSN:1009-9867
Educational Information Technology ISSN:1671-3176 Educational Modernization ISSN:1729-1267
Educational Practice & Research ISSN:1009-010X Educational Research ISSN:1002-5731
Educational Research and Experiment ISSN:1003-160X Educational Review ISSN:1004-1109
Educational Science Research ISSN:1009-718X E-education Research ISSN:1003-1553
Efashion ISSN:1007-077X E-Government ISSN:1672-7223
Electric Age ISSN:1000-453X Electric Bicycle ISSN:1672-6936
Electric Drive ISSN:1001-2095 Electric Drive for Locomotives ISSN:1000-128X
Electric Engineering ISSN:1002-1388 Electric Explosion Protection ISSN:1004-9118
Electric Locomotives & Mass Transit Vehicles ISSN:1672-1187 Electric Machines & Control Application ISSN:1673-6540
Electric Machines and Control ISSN:1007-449X Electric Power ISSN:1004-9649
Electric Power Automation Equipment ISSN:1006-6047 Electric Power Construction ISSN:1000-7229
Electric Power Environmental Protection ISSN:1009-4032 Electric Power Information Technology ISSN:1672-4844
Electric Power Science and Engineering ISSN:1672-0792 Electric Power Standardization & Construction Cost Control Information ISSN:1673-5676
Electric Power Standarization & Measurement ISSN:1671-8917 Electric Power Survey ISSN:1005-8524
Electric Power Survey & Design ISSN:1671-9913 Electric Power System Equipment ISSN:1671-8992
Electric Power Technologic Economics ISSN:1008-1682 Electric Railway ISSN:1007-936X
Electric Safety Technology ISSN:1008-6226 Electric Switcher ISSN:1004-289X
Electric Welding Machine ISSN:1001-2303 Electric Wire & Cable ISSN:1672-6901
Electrical and Electronic Engineering - Wireless and Mobile Communication ISSN:1003-1928 Electrical Appliances ISSN:1673-6079
Electrical Automation ISSN:1000-3886 Electrical Drive Automation ISSN:1005-7277
Electrical Engineering ISSN:1673-3800 Electrical Engineering Materials ISSN:1671-8887
Electrical Equipment ISSN:1672-2000 Electrical Machinery Technology ISSN:1006-2807
Electrical Manufacturing ISSN:1673-5471 Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation ISSN:1001-1390
Electrical Technology of Intelligent Buildings ISSN:1729-1275 Electrical World ISSN:1000-1344
Electricity ISSN:1003-4994 Electrochemistry ISSN:1006-3471
Electrokinetic Tool ISSN: Electromachining & Mould ISSN:1009-279X
Electromechanical Components ISSN:1000-6133 Electro-Mechanical Engineering ISSN:1008-5300
Electronic Commerce Technology ISSN:1009-9581 Electronic Commerce World ISSN:1009-8240
Electronic Component & Device Applications ISSN:1563-4795 Electronic Component News ISSN:1006-5083
Electronic Components & Materials ISSN:1001-2028 Electronic Design & Application World-Nikkei Electronics China ISSN:1672-139X
Electronic Engineer ISSN:1006-7787 Electronic Engineering & Product World ISSN:1005-5517
Electronic Measurement Technology ISSN:1002-7300 Electronic medical and health ISSN:1729-9349
Electronic Product Reliability and Environmental Testing ISSN:1672-5468 Electronic Products China ISSN:1004-9606
Electronic Sci&Tech Abstract ISSN:1009-0851 Electronic Technology ISSN:1000-0755
Electronic Test ISSN:1000-8519 Electronic Warfare Technology ISSN:
Electronics and Packaging ISSN:1681-1070 Electronics Circuit & SMT ISSN:1683-8807
Electronics Intellectual Property ISSN:1004-9517 Electronics Optics & Control ISSN:1671-637X
Electronics Process Technology ISSN:1001-3474 Electronics Quality ISSN:1003-0107
Electronics World ISSN:1003-0522 Electro-Optic Technology Application ISSN:1673-1255
Electroplating & Finishing ISSN:1004-227X Electroplating & Pollution Control ISSN:1000-4742
Electrotechnical Application ISSN:1672-9560 Electrotechnical Journal ISSN:1001-7194
Elementary & Secondary Schooling Abroad ISSN:1007-8495 Elementary Education Studies ISSN:1002-3275
Elevator Industry ISSN:1726-1589 ELLE ISSN:1006-1169
Employment and Security ISSN:1672-7584 Encyclopedic Knowledge ISSN:1002-9567
Endemic Diseases Bulletin ISSN:1000-3711 Energy and Environment ISSN:1672-9064
Energy Base Construction ISSN:1008-1291 Energy Conservation ISSN:1004-7948
Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection ISSN:1009-539X Energy Conservation Technology ISSN:1002-6339
Energy Engineering ISSN:1004-3950 Energy Environmental Protection ISSN:1006-8759
Energy for Metallurgical Industry ISSN:1001-1617 Energy of China ISSN:1003-2355
Energy Research & Utilization ISSN:1001-5523 Energy Research and Information ISSN:1008-8857
Energy Saving of Non-ferrous Metallurgy ISSN:1008-5122 Energy Technology ISSN:1005-7439
Energy Technology and Management ISSN:1672-9943 Engineering and Construction ISSN:1673-5781
Engineering Blasting ISSN:1006-7051 Engineering Construction ISSN:1673-8993
ENGINEERING ECONOMY ISSN:1672-2442 Engineering Journal of Wuhan University ISSN:1671-8844
Engineering Mechanics ISSN:1000-4750 Engineering of Surveying and Mapping ISSN:1006-7949
Engineering Plastics Application ISSN:1001-3539 Engineering Science ISSN:1009-1742
Engineering Sciences ISSN:1672-4178 English Coaching ISSN:1006-2831
English Cool Kids ISSN:1672-4429 English Digest ISSN:1009-9611
English Journal for Middle School Students ISSN:1003-6822 English Language Learning ISSN:1002-5553
English Lanuage Teaching ISSN:1005-538X English on Campus ISSN:1009-6426
English Salon ISSN:1005-1813 English Teacher ISSN:1009-8852
English Teaching & Research Notes ISSN:1006-4036 Enjoy Your Car ISSN:1009-5527
Enterprise Civilization ISSN:1006-5989 Enterprise Economy ISSN:1006-5024
Enterprise Management ISSN:1003-2320 Enterprise Reform and Management ISSN:1007-1210
Enterprise Science And Technology & Development ISSN:1674-0688 Enterprise Standardization ISSN:1004-5678
Enterprise Vitality ISSN:1003-4919 Entomological Journal of East China ISSN:1005-1694
Entomotaxonomia ISSN:1000-7482 Environment ISSN:0257-0300
Environment and Exploitation ISSN:1006-5776 Environment and Sustainable Development ISSN:1673-288X
Environment Herald ISSN:1003-9821 Environment Protection in Petrochemical Industry ISSN:1005-7862
Environmental Chemistry ISSN:0254-6108 Environmental conformity Assessment ISSN:1671-3761
Environmental Economy ISSN:1672-724X Environmental Education ISSN:1007-1679
Environmental Engineering ISSN:1000-8942 Environmental Monitoring in China ISSN:1002-6002
Environmental Pollution and Control ISSN:1001-3865 Environmental Protection ISSN:0253-9705
Environmental Protection and Technology ISSN:1674-0254 Environmental Protection in Transportation ISSN:1006-4281
Environmental Protection of Chemical Industry ISSN:1006-1878 Environmental Protection of Oil & Gas Fields ISSN:1005-3158
Environmental Protection of Xinjiang ISSN:1008-2301 Environmental Protection Science ISSN:1004-6216
Environmental Sanitation Engineering ISSN:1005-8206 Environmental Science & Technology ISSN:1003-6504
Environmental Science and Management ISSN:1673-1212 Environmental Science Survey ISSN:1006-947X
Environmental Technology ISSN:1004-7204 Episodes ISSN:0705-3797
Equipment Environmental Engineering ISSN:1672-9242 Equipment for Electronic Products Manufacturing ISSN:1004-4507
Equipment for Geophysical Prospecting ISSN:1671-0657 Equipment for Geotechnical Engineering ISSN:1009-282X
Equipment Manufacturing Technology ISSN:1672-545X eSAS World ISSN:1005-2348
Essay ISSN:0257-5809 Essay(Overseas Edition) ISSN:1005-7323
EST Learning ISSN:1006-5822 Ethnic Arts ISSN:1003-2568
Ethnic Today ISSN:1009-9360 Ethno-National Studies ISSN:0256-1891
Ethylene Industry ISSN:1671-7120 Eucalypt Science & Technology ISSN:
Europe ISSN:1004-9789 Evaluation and Analysis of Drug-Use in Hospital of China ISSN:1672-2124
Evergreen ISSN:1004-5058 Everybody is healthy ISSN:1009-6019
Evidence Seience ISSN:1674-1226 Examinations Research ISSN:1673-1654
Examinations Research Science ISSN:1008-4126 Exhibition & Marketplace ISSN:1009-2358
Expanding Horizons ISSN:1006-0138 Experiment and Equipment for Primary School ISSN:1673-6869
Experiment Science and Technology ISSN:1672-4550 Experiment Teaching and Apparatus ISSN:1004-2326
Experimental and Laboratory Medicine ISSN:1674-1129 Experimental Technology and Management ISSN:1002-4956
Experiments and Measurements in Fluid Mechanics ISSN:1007-3124 Exploration and Free Views ISSN:1004-2229
Exploration Engineering(Drilling & Tunneling) ISSN:1000-3746 Exploration Engineering(Rock & Soil Drilling and Tunneling) ISSN:1672-7428
Explorations in Music ISSN:1004-2172 Explosion and Shock Waves ISSN:1001-1455
Explosion-Proof Electric Machine ISSN:1008-7281 Explosive Materials ISSN:1001-8352
Export-Oriented Economy ISSN:1002-3984 Express Information of Mining Industry ISSN:1009-5683
Express Water Resources & Hydropower Information ISSN:1006-0081 Extensive Collection of The Party History ISSN:1006-8013
Extensive Reading ISSN:1000-4173 Eye Science ISSN:1000-4432