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Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering

ISSN 1672-6030 
Organizer: tian jin da xue  
Publisher: na mi ji shu yu jing mi gong cheng za zhi she  
Description: Publication of nano technology and precision engineering professional journals, mainly published in nanotechnology, micro-electromechanical systems, precision machining and precision measurements in Chinese and English written and creative scientific research papers, research reports and important discussion of academic issues and Review and so on. Journals purpose is to reflect the field and related fields at home and abroad an important scientific research, promoting academic exchanges and scientific and technological development. readers of science and engineering for domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning and students, researchers and the engineers and technical workers . enthusiastic welcome of the submission. magazine for the United States, "Engineering Index" EI and China SCIENTIFIC sources (the core of China's science and technology journals) included journals. (Translated by machine.)