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Advances in Cardiovascular Diseases

ISSN 1004-3934 
Organizer: cheng du shi xin xue guan bing yan jiu suo cheng du shi di san ren min yi yuan  
Publisher: xin xue guan bing xue jin zhan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the specialty of cardiovascular disease Journal of Sexual Medicine, is also introduced domestic and foreign efforts Diseases and related disciplines latest academic publications. Journal aims for the development of China's medical health services and continuously improve the diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, treatment, and academic level, skills-oriented, clinically-oriented, service first for clinicians, and in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease research, science and medical students and teachers. A review, translation (translation section, abstracts) lectures, review, compilation and other columns. Main audience for the prevention of cardiovascular clinicians and researchers, and medical schools and students teaching and learning reference, is particularly suitable for grassroots medical workers. (Translated by machine.)