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Advances of Power System & Hydroelectric Engineering

ISSN 1674-0009 
Organizer: xi bei dian wang you xian gong si xi an li gong da xue shui dian tu mu jian zhu yan jiu she ji yuan  
Publisher: dian wang yu shui li fa dian jin zhan bian ji bu  
Description: "ELECTRIC POWER SYSTEM" magazine is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the director of the Northwest Power Grid Company, the Northwest Power Grid Co., Ltd., Xi'an University of Architecture Civil Engineering Research and Design Institute organized by hydropower, domestic and international public offering of journals. Mainly published in power systems, power transmission, supply and distribution of electricity, high voltage electricity, high voltage technology, power system automation, power automation, power communications, electrical measurement, the electricity market, new energy, power and technical and economic aspects of rural electrification of scientific papers, and hydropower engineering investigation, planning, design, construction and operation management, hydraulic machinery and electrical equipment design, manufacture, installation and operation of scientific papers and other interested parties such as to fully reflect relevant aspects of hydroelectric power and technological progress conditions and results of scientific research to conduct academic exchanges, information and communication technology, services, power and hydropower development. (Translated by machine.)