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Advances in Science and Technology of Water Resources

ISSN 1006-7647 
Organizer: he hai da xue  
Publisher: shui li shui dian ke ji jin zhan bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is reflected in water resources development, utilization, protection and dynamic progress in the field of technology-based technical journals. Its main task is the construction of Water Resources reported that domestic and foreign new technology, new achievements, new experiences on water resources projects for the construction and operation management services. This publication published and water conservancy, hydropower, water transport, marine, civil, environmental and other disciplines related to the article. Piyou Technology Forum, Water Star, thematic review, research and development, engineering, foreign water, seminars, books and reviews, technology newsletters and other columns. Water main readers to related areas of engineering and technical personnel, scientific personnel, management staff and tertiary students.  (Translated by machine.)