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Acta Universitatis Traditionis Medicalis Sinensis Pharmacologiaeque Shanghai

ISSN 1008-861X 
Organizer: shang hai zhong yi yao da xue shang hai shi zhong yi yao yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: shang hai zhong yi yao da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is a major reflection of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Institute of Chinese Medicine and medical research, teaching and research level and the dynamic development of senior academic journals to academic strength, quality, layout specifications for the characteristics of focus from medicine the development of frontier disciplines and multidisciplinary research perspective carefully soliciting contributions, for fine publications. Sections around the Chinese demand for higher education and academic research to develop Arts and interlinked, medical engineering management with high-level talents, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge and improve the level of reasoning and understanding, and promote academic research of Chinese medicine to the depth and breadth. (Translated by machine.)