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Acta Agriculturae Shanghai

ISSN 1000-3924 
Organizer: shang hai shi nong ye ke xue yuan shang hai shi nong xue hui  
Publisher: shang hai nong ye xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is the source of Statistics Journal of Scientific Papers, "Agricultural Digest" and "Chinese Biological Abstracts," Journal of the literature sources is also Agris, CAB and Scei Journal of the literature sources. Key published Shanghai (and the Yangtze River adjacent areas) as the center of agricultural biological disciplines relevant creative content and new high academic standards, strong research applications, academic papers, and other important literature review, carried out at home and abroad academic exchanges. The main sections are the current set of urban agriculture and agricultural modernization, agricultural meteorological, agricultural biotechnology, crop genetics and breeding and cultivation, gardening, flowers, soil nutrients and plant protection, animal husbandry and veterinary, agricultural environmental protection, land resources development and utilization, agricultural products processing and preservation, science and technology with the District (County) Agriculture, agricultural science and technology information network, introduce high-level experts and high-tech achievements, introduce advanced agricultural enterprises and entrepreneurs, and so on. Tsinghua University, Beijing has been incorporated into the publication of "China Academic Journals" (CD) and the China Science and Technology Information Institute Articles Digital Periodicals resource system (http://www.Chinainfo.gov.cn/periodical) (Chongqing VIP Information Limited, "Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database" full version). (Translated by machine.)