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Auto Time

ISSN 1672-9668 
Organizer: zhong guo qi che gong ye xie hui  
Publisher: shi dai qi che za zhi she  
Description: Time Car "magazine by the China Machinery Industry Federation as a special consultant unit, unit of China Automobile Industry Association as the host authority of the automotive industry journals (the national unified Issues: CN42-1738/TH; international ISSN: ISSN1672-9668; Post Development Code :38-393.) "Time Car" by the government and industry leaders in charge of the care and support, the State Council Development Research Center, China Machinery Industry Federation, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, China Automotive Industry Association, and other leaders, experts and major auto companies were the principal responsible persons as a consultant and magazine editor for the development of the magazine made a number of important guidance. Stood in front, overlooking the motor racing situation, passing automobile market information, focus on human lives is our car of Publication; authority, practicality, fairness, and create value for readers is our eternal goal. "Time Car" to the new layout style, superb editorial content, and a large number of valuable automotive information, thinkers devised strategies for the industry, winning a thousand miles a good staff, for the majority of automotive consumers with the latest and the most valuable information services . "Time Car" is a cutting-edge media, China's auto industry in the national automotive industry and related industries have a greater impact. Times of the "era of cars," eager to work together with the car industry, create brilliant! (Translated by machine.)