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ISSN 1001-5647 
Organizer: zhong gong qing hai sheng wei dang xiao ; qing hai sheng xing zheng xue yuan ; qing hai sheng she hui zhu yi xue yuan  
Publisher: pan deng bian ji bu  
Description: "Climbing" (Edition) by CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee Party School, Qinghai Administration Institute, Qinghai Institute of organized socialist philosophy of social science theory bimonthly, started publication in 1982, public since 1989, published at home and abroad. Publication International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1001-5647, national unity ISSN: CN63- 1015 / C, foreign publishing code: DK63001, A4-format international format, every 5 bi-monthly publication. Since founded, our staff abide by the purpose of the magazine, the correct political direction and public opinion, based in Qinghai, and the country, adhere to the theoretical, academic and regional characteristics for the journal, to promote the party's line, prosperity Social scientific theory, culture theory researchers made a positive contribution to the team.  "climb" (Edition) mainly contains philosophy, economics, politics, nationality and religion, law, economic management and administrative science and other research disciplines, with the above situation in the province of disciplines and academic contention, School Education Law of other columns, and according to different periods, the focus on the timely adjustment of the relevant sections. Currently, the publication of the China Communist Party of classes, the core of China's political class journals and academic journals of China "CAJ- CD specification," the implementation of an excellent journal.  (Translated by machine.)