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Agricultural Development and Equipments

ISSN 1673-9205 
Organizer: nong ye bu nan jing nong ye ji xie hua yan jiu suo  
Publisher: nong ye kai fa yu zhuang bei bian ji bu  
Description: "Friends of agricultural machinery and tools," Journal of charge by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nanjing Agricultural Mechanization Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture organized a national agricultural science journals. Friends of farm machinery magazine is now governing Council of Agricultural Safety and Supervision Institute of units, the China branch of the governing Popular Science Society of Agronomy units. "Friends of agricultural machinery and tools," founded a decade, has been closely linked to purpose of the magazine for the promotion of agricultural policy, agricultural technology popularization, technology transfer and practical information, wealth of information has played a significant role, set of practical, technical, knowledge , and interest in one. Circulation among the best journals in the agricultural population. Main readers are: agricultural machinery operators, agricultural management (supervisory) personnel, agricultural extension workers to use technology to a new fortune to become better off farmers. There are four main sections Forum: One practical skills classes. Including safe use, maintenance, troubleshooting, agronomic world, such as columns; Second Agricultural Supervision class. Including agricultural policy, agricultural training, supervision Forum, agricultural people, accident cases and other sections; Third, the information class. Includes comprehensive information, quality service, equipment stands, agricultural machinery market, rich opportunities, such as columns; Fourth, life coaching class. Including the popular promenade, laws and regulations, computer sign of life, I wish you health, machine hand-park and other columns. Another famous magazine also recommended to the readers of new products, forecasting market trends, to teach practical production technology. Hand control unit is the majority of farmers make good use of farm machinery mentor, is in the majority of agricultural management, maintenance, sales staff good staff, good helper. (Translated by machine.)