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Anti-Infection Pharmacy

ISSN 1672-7878 
Organizer: zhong guo yao xue hui yi yuan yao xue zhuan ye wei yuan hui gan ran yao xue zhuan ye zu jiang su sheng su zhou shi di wu ren min yi yuan  
Publisher: kang gan ran yao xue za zhi bian ji wei yuan hui  
Description: "Anti-infective study" is a quarterly publication of 25 end of the quarter, large 16 mo, 64 pages, Youfadaihao: 28-194. Price: 9.80 / volumes. Domestic public issue. "Anti-infective study" is the head of Health Department of Jiangsu Province, Suzhou City, People's Hospital hosted the fifth anti-infective academic periodicals. China Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1672-7878/CN 32-1726R. "Anti-infective study" published in the major field of anti-infective medicine and basic theory, research design, production technology, clinical applications, adverse reactions, domestic and international progress and anti-infective pharmaceutical science theory and practice, from academic papers. Purpose of the magazine: innovation, the True, refinement, and service. Combined with the increased popularity to raise the main, theory and practice to practice-based. Reports focused on a comprehensive, basic, practical scientific and technological achievements and advanced experience. Magazine features: scientific, advanced, practical, informative and readable as a whole, to be practical, taking into account increased. 1 Call for Papers progress in the scope of domestic and international anti-infective medicine, scientific research and theory, traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine, biochemical medicine, drug analysis, drug formulation, pharmacology and toxicology; clinical application of anti-infective drugs, interactions, rational drug use, adverse reactions, drug pharmacokinetics; anti-infective drugs economics, pharmacy administration, drug description, pharmaceutical information. Column 2 Summary of the Forum reported that anti-infectives and frontier areas of research focus to summarize, review, combined with work in the field of publication of this opinion. Experimental studies have reported the anti-infective drugs with original research results. Content can be involved in the synthesis of Western medicine, preparation, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical drug trials, drug sensitivity tests, drug quality analysis, identification, determination and improvement of methods and so on. Graduate students in the reading of papers reported that various types of drugs and anti-infective stage an original research. Clinical reports of drug and anti-infection drugs used in evaluation of drug efficacy of disease subjects. Rational use of drugs in clinical anti-infective drug coverage is reasonable, the issue of compatibility; the stability of drug use problem analysis; clinicians and clinical pharmacists to discuss the rationality of prescription problems. Adverse drug reactions reported in accordance with the instructions to use drugs after the individual reaction of anti-infective properties of tissues and organs of various adverse reactions. Pharmacoeconomics in clinical subjects reported that anti-infective treatment, the efficacy of drug charges when the analysis. Exchange of experience working in the new report found, experience improvement. Pharmacy Administration reported the field of scientific management in the pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical regulations (Translated by machine.)