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ISSN 1671-4881 
Organizer: sheng huo . du shu . xin zhi san lian shu dian  
Description: "Competitiveness" magazine from October 2003 onward change Journal, adding, "Life Week," the editors and reporters of power to reorganize resources to play a Joint Publishing's overall advantage, for the majority of white-collar workers, for the economic life tidal changes occur, providing the most extensive relevant management, finance and investment ideas and forward-looking and practical high-level analysis of information data to meet the white-collar workers in a market economy more and more about all the time, transformed itself from an society people, intellectuals turned to a man of enlightenment economic demand for more and more individuals in the developed market economies more competitive, wealth accumulation and amplification to provide practical decision-making and operational support. "Competitiveness" Journal of concern are in a globalized world the concept of market economy to lead the trend, and therefore the value of creating great wealth, a guide for our group; "competitive" to attract people who are most in the market economy vibrant, the most sensitive to changes of the times, the most creative, most increase in power groups. "Competitiveness" will be happy to become a solid bridge between the two, for each individual, every company, for the wealth of the whole community to contribute to the prosperity and competitiveness. A source of future wealth, which is changed after the triple Journal of Finance and Economics - "competitiveness" Journal of the eternal theme.  (Translated by machine.)