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Aviation Precision Manufacturing Technology

ISSN 1003-5451 
Organizer: bei jing hang kong jing mi ji xie yan jiu suo  
Publisher: hang kong jing mi zhi zao ji shu bian ji bu  
Description: Publication by the China Aviation Industry Corporation, the first group in charge, Beijing Institute of Aviation Precision Machinery sponsored by domestic and foreign public offering of technical publications. The aim is to exchange and promote the development of advanced technology in new equipment, new technologies, new processes, new experiences and new test methods to speed up research into productivity, the precision manufacturing industry to promote technological progress. Professional content covering precision machining, machine tool, electronic technology, automation technology, special processing, product performance testing, environmental testing, mold design and manufacturing, materials and thermal processing technology and other fields, tracking international and domestic advanced technology, represents the latest precision manufacturing in China technology and measurement and control technology. (Translated by machine.)