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Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology

ISSN 1673-5897 
Organizer: zhong guo ke xue yuan sheng tai huan jing yan jiu zhong xin  
Publisher: sheng tai du li xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Magazine for the domestic eco-toxicological and environmental risk assessment research platform to promote and facilitate China's ecological risk assessment of toxicological and environmental-round development. This publication reported that: ① the process of environmental pollutants; ② pollutants on living organisms Toxicity; ③ pollutants may lead to population level for the number of individuals, genetic rate, or changes of ecosystem function; ④ levels of pollutants on individual biochemistry, molecular, physical structure and function of hazard, and this may lead to the community until damage ecosystem structure and function studies; ⑤ the test methods and biomarkers in environmental risk assessment of research; ⑥ based on toxicity test data and chemical conversion plan to assess the compounds on the environment (human ecosystem) the possible hazards and risks; ⑦ environmental toxicology testing of new technology / methodology, typical regional environmental pollution, toxicity testing; ⑧ environmental risk assessment methods. (Translated by machine.)