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Art Market

ISSN 1671-7910 
Organizer: zhong guo wen hua bao she  
Publisher: yi shu shi chang bian ji bu  
Description: Journal of the art market by the Ministry of Culture in charge of large-scale works of art Capital Journal, founded in late 2002. Recalling the development of reform and opening up the Chinese art market, although the market continues to grow and prosper, continuously improve and perfect the mechanism, but the lack of a grain of investors for the general set of artistic authority, practicality and service in one of the art investment in professional journals. With the "art market" magazine founded, the Chinese art collectors so with the investment and can be used as an "Investment Guide Collection" of their journals. At present, the "art market" magazine of being gradually expanded, the gradual increase in circulation, and increasing investment by overseas Chinese art collection of circles. "Art Market," Journal of the purpose of the Journal is fully operational for overseas investment of Chinese art and collectors services.  (Translated by machine.)