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Automotive Observer

ISSN 1673-145X 
Organizer: guo ji shang bao she ; qing hua qi che gong cheng kai fa yan jiu yuan ; zhong guo ji xie gong ye zhi liang guan li xie hui  
Publisher: qi che guan cha za zhi she  
Description: Automobile magazine is the observation of charge by the Department of Commerce, by the International Business Daily, Development Research Institute of Automotive Engineering Tsinghua University, China Quality Management Association of Machinery Industry, China's first for the automotive and related industries of the management of high-end "car Finance" magazine.      "Car Watch" fully integrated organizer in government, academic and industry resources, and other areas, out of cars to see cars. Major events on the automotive industry, the focus topics and the depth of the industry leaders reported, reflection, called the problems facing the industry, providing high value-added for the management group information services; with sober thinking, market conditions and market trends observed, the use of reliable scientific data for analysis, to provide management with decision-making basis, and provide readers with domestic and international first-class car model for business survival. (Translated by machine.)