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A Successful Way to Compositions

ISSN 1001-571X 
Organizer: da qing shi jiao shi jin xiu xue yuan  
Publisher: da qing shi kai fa qu zuo wen cheng gong zhi lu za zhi she  
Description: "Writing Road to Success" was launched over 20 years, readers have been love, has many experts and scholars, the author's strong support, we express our sincere gratitude. In 2008, our journal will continue to uphold "the world as numerous dialysis, focused social hot spots, rich knowledge base and expand human horizons, causing profound speculation, to stimulate thinking Qiao Ling Wu," The purpose of the magazine, the layout design, committed to innovation. 2008 "Writing Success? Junior version of" each issue will be divided into "writing navigation Edition" and "youth style version of" the two forums were arranged, relatively independent. "Writing the navigation version of" retaining the original "Acme Range Rover" (read "Acme Expo"), "should be concerned" (read "special attention"), "the face of calls" "fixed-point drill," "exam Outlook" "exam essay questions guided fine writing" and other traditional sections, the new "material supermarket," "the idea of training ground," "teacher to teach you," "special exercise" and a number of new sections, to create "COMPOSITION aircraft carrier." "Youth style version of" in the "out of the wall Apricot," "Young Thinker" "Youth Wind Chimes," "truth Express," "Little Boy", "Rainbow" and other columns in the introduction of junior masterpiece, showcasing the joy, anger, peer dirge, to the readers to enlightenment.  (Translated by machine.)