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Paper Chemicals

ISSN 1007-2225 
Organizer: zhong guo zao zhi hua xue pin gong ye xie hui quan guo zao zhi hua xue pin xin xi zhan hang zhou shi hua gong yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zao zhi hua xue pin bian ji bu  
Description: This publication reported chemicals for paper making (especially fine chemicals) research and development, application and development trends at home and abroad and so on. Has a special review, scientific experiments, application of technology, experience exchange, foreign trends, new products, new technologies, markets and information, products, paper abstracts, the results transfer, paper and chemicals, Business and other columns. Journal in paper industry, chemical industry, research institutions and institutions engaged in research and production of the majority of skilled workers, technical personnel, management of cadres and tertiary students and teachers related professional service object. (Translated by machine.)