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Journal of Zhengzhou University(Engineering Science)

ISSN 1671-6833 
Organizer: zheng zhou da xue  
Publisher: zheng zhou da xue xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1962 as a comprehensive academic journal of natural science, publishes the chemical, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, information engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, materials engineering, environmental engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry and interdisciplinary aspects of academic papers. Excellent for the National College of Technology, the Ministry of Education awarded the State Prize outstanding scientific journals, science and technology journals excellent first prize in Henan Province, Henan University of three excellent rating award. Papers laid down by the United States, "Chemical Abstracts", "Mathematical Reviews" Russia "Digest magazine," and the domestic authority over ten important Abstracts database and recorded regularly. (Translated by machine.)