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Traditional Chinese Drug Research & Clinical Pharmacology

ISSN 1003-9783 
Organizer: guang zhou zhong yi yao da xue  
Publisher: zhong yao xin yao yu lin chuang yao li bian ji bu  
Description: June 1990, approved by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Health Drug Council in the direct leadership and support, hosted by the Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine published the "traditional Chinese medicine (drug) clinical and clinical pharmacology communications"; April 1991. Science and Technology Commission and approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, became a formal publication, known as "Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology" (quarterly), to domestic and international public offering; April 1998, the Ministry of Health Policy and Regulation Department of Guangdong Province Committee approval, to bi-monthly journal published from 1999; April 1999 as the adjustment of national institutions, the transfer of the State Drug Administration director. 2001, was included in the Chinese scientific papers Source Journals. The journal is the only new drugs and Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine in clinical pharmacology for the content of academic publications reported, for pharmaceutical companies, medical institutions, medical research institutes, medical research and administration staff and administrative personnel to read and reference. (Translated by machine.)