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Journal of the Central Institute of Socialism

ISSN 1002-0519 
Organizer: zhong yang she hui zhu yi xue yuan  
Publisher: zhong yang she hui zhu yi xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: This publication is published in the United Front Theory Research results of theoretical studies and related disciplines as the main content of the theoretical journal of social science, domestic and overseas public offering. Since it began publication, expanding the social impact has been identified as core journals of China's political class, the core of Chinese humanities and social science journals, the second session of the National Outstanding Social Science Journal, the Chinese Academic Journal (CD), China Journal Net Full-text journals included, is the united front workers, social scientists, University of socialism at all levels, all levels of Party and government cadres to understand the united front and related disciplines important window for the latest theoretical results. (Translated by machine.)