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Occupational Circle

ISSN 1671-5969 
Organizer: zhong guo gong ren bao kan xie hui zhong guo gong ren chu ban she  
Publisher: zhi ye quan bian ji bu  
Description: "Professional Circle" magazine by the director of the ACFTU, the Chinese workers and Chinese workers in Press Association newspaper organized. "Professional Circle" magazine is a fortnightly. On the current published fortnightly for the "professional circle" GEM magazine, titled "good way of getting money." "Professional ring good way of getting money" for the public economic periodicals, it is defined as "the people their wealth magazine," encouraging entrepreneurial spirit, inspired wisdom to create wealth for the public to provide readers with business, seeking a means of wealth, skills, experience, projects, in order to keep wealth and all kinds of new products, the project companies, research units or individuals looking for partners in the business platform. "Professional Circle" magazine is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration, the head of the ACFTU, the Chinese workers and Chinese workers in Press Association newspaper co-sponsored comprehensive national journals, national unity ISSN: CN11-4103/G0, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1671-5969, Youfadaihao :82-108, Price: 10 yuan, big 16 format, the national public offering. Journal of rich, beautifully printed, tastes, and set academic, practical, authoritative, forward-looking and professional in one, with high academic value and social influence, the reader throughout the country research institutions, universities and enterprises institutions. Main sections: Human Resources and Social Security the economic aspect of cultural and sports union building and legal system of public administration Education Tax venture capital operation, enrollment and employment policy-oriented transport energy engineering and technical management of network traffic e-commerce  (Translated by machine.)