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Journal of Chinese Integrative Medicine

ISSN 1672-1977 
Organizer: shang hai shi zhong xi yi jie he xue hui ; shang hai chang hai yi yuan  
Publisher: shang hai shi zhong xi yi jie he xue hui ; shang hai chang hai yi yuan  
Description: Publication by the director of Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, Shanghai and the Shanghai Association of Integrative Medicine, Changhai Hospital, organized domestic and international public offering of Integrated Traditional and Western academic journals. "Chinese Integrative Medicine" Integrative Medicine in China mainly reported in the clinical, research, prevention, education, management experience and achievements of Integrated Traditional and Western ideas and methods, describes the progress in related fields at home and abroad, and academic discussion . Contents of this rich conversation by writing Piyou academicians, expert forums, youth forums, on the clinical, laboratory of the technology and methods, exchange of experiences, case, then doctors, review, academic seminars and other columns, and Chinese translation of the ad hoc column Integrative Medicine to improve the general English translation of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners level of service. Magazine readers for Integrated Medicine clinicians, researchers, teachers and students of higher medical institutions, scientific research and related fields, the teaching staff. "Chinese Integrative Medicine" editor as Professor Zhao Weikang, Deputy Chief Editor, Professor Chang-Quan Ling. Invited Chen Ji, Shen Yin et dozen academicians and renowned experts as consultants. 70 editorial board throughout the country, the Central Western basic and clinical experts in various disciplines. "Chinese Integrative Medicine" in May 2003 founded, has been added to Articles - Digital Periodicals, by the Chinese core journals (selection) database, China Academic Journal, Chinese Science and Technology Periodical Database, Chinese Biomedical Literature Database Journal other domestic large databases included, is Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database Source Journals. "Chinese Integrative Medicine" has been "Chemical Abstracts (CA)" and the United States, "International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA)" included. "Chinese Integrative Medicine" is a bimonthly, A4 format, 80 pages of text per term, four and color illustrations, fine binding, published every single month 15. Issues of national unity: CN31-1906 / R; International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1672-1977. Total domestic issue: the Shanghai Bureau of the press release, Youfadaihao to 4-746. Price of 10 yuan each, the year 60. Total issued abroad: China International Book Trading Corporation, the foreign release, code-named BM1833. The publication by the Ministry of Health and State Food and Drug Administration issued jointly review prescription drug advertising found to be the medical and pharmaceutical publications. (Translated by machine.)