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Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer Science

ISSN 1008-505X 
Organizer: zhong guo zhi wu ying yang yu fei liao xue hui  
Publisher: zhi wu ying yang yu fei liao xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is organized by Institute of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Soil and Fertilizer Institute of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizer co-professional disciplines of academic journals, is a soil science, fertilizer core science journals. Coverage of the innovative nature of the academic disciplines, new technologies and new methods of research reports, presentations, literature review and discussion and so on. Its main contents include soil, fertilizers and the relationship between crop, nutrient change and balance; all kinds of fertilizer in the soil and fertilizer variation principle; crop germplasm characteristics on nutrient response; crop rhizosphere nutrition; Fertilization and the environment; fertilization quality of agricultural products; application of agricultural biotechnology and biochemistry; fertilizer development of new varieties of new dosage forms, application and mechanism; the subject areas of new tools and new methods of research and the discipline associated with the edge of disciplines. Manuscript editing system URL: http://plantnutrifert.org (Translated by machine.)