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Journal of Chinese Information Processing

ISSN 1003-0077 
Organizer: zhong guo zhong wen xin xi xue hui zhong guo ke xue yuan ruan jian yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhong wen xin xi xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1986, is approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, by the director of Science and Technology Association, Chinese Information Processing Society of China Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences organized by academic journals, is the society of Chinese information. "Journal of Chinese Information" is "A Guide to Chinese core journals" automation, computer technology class, core journals. Domestic and foreign public offering. It reflects the time of the academic standards of Chinese information processing, focusing on the basis of published theories of Chinese information processing technology research and application papers, and review relevant research results, technical reports, books and reviews, symposia, and international academic dynamics. Published articles from the magazine to keep abreast of the latest level of Chinese information processing and academic trends. Most of the articles published by the State or provincial and ministerial level key scientific projects, research projects and natural science and social science Fund. (Translated by machine.)