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Plant Physiology Communications
2013 Issue 9
Research Progress on the Molecular Function of Plant-Specific LBD Gene
LU Huan;SHI Zhen-Ying;Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology;Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences;Chinese Academy of Sciences;University of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Advances in the Research of Plant MicroRNA
Lü Di-Jin;ZHAO Jia-Yuan;CHEN Jing;ZHONG Yang;NAN Peng;Ministry of Education Key Laboratory for Biodiversity Science and Ecological Engineering;School of Life Sciences;Fudan University;College of Sciences;Tibet University;
Research Progress on the Functional Mechanism of GRAS Family Genes in Plant Growth, Metabolism and Stress
ZHOU Lian-Jie;ZHANG Fu-Chun;WANG Yan;Xinjiang Key Laboratory of Biological Resources and Genetic Engineering;College of Life Science and Technology;Xinjiang University;
Flowering Control Mechanism of CO as a Key Factor in Photoperiod Pathway
YANG Xiu-Qin;TANG Qing-Lin;SONG Ming;WANG Zhi-Min;College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture;Southwest University;Key Laboratory of Horticulture Science for Southern Mountainous Regions Ministry of Education;Key Laboratory of Olericulture in Chongqing;
The Ways of Producing Secondary Metabolites via Plant Cell Culture
GU Rong-Hui;HONG Li-Ya;LONG Chun-Lin;College of Life and Environmental Sciences;Minzu University of China;
Research Advance of the EXO70 Gene Family in Plants
YANG Jun-Jie;YU Da-Li;CHU Wei;LI Hui;LI Shi-Peng;Department of Life Sciences;Qilu Normal University;
Measurement of Physiological Index for Identification of Salt-Tolerant Diploid Potatoes
ZHANG Jing-Yun;MIAO Nan-Sheng;BAI Ya-Mei;ZHAO Ping;LI Wen-Xia;Lü Wen-He;Institute of Vegetable and Flower;Jiangxi Academy of Agricultural Sciences;College of Agronomy;Northeast Agricultural University;College of Resources and Environment;Northeast Agricultural University;
Effects of BA, GA3 and IAA on Shape Formation of Fuji Apple
DU Yan;LI Jian-Gui;SHI Rui;CHEN Hui-Huang;Nuernisa;NIU Zhen-Zhen;WANG Hai-Ru;ZHANG Dong-Ya;Institute of Forestry;Xinjiang Agricultural University;Xinjiang Academy of Forestry Sciences;
Effects of Apple Brown Spot Pathogen Infection on the Function of Photosynthetic Apparatus in Apple Leaves
DU Guo-Dong;LI Shuang;LIU Zhi-Kun;Lü San-San;WANG Bing-Ying;Horticulture College;Shenyang Agricultural University;Key Laboratory for Northern Fruit Trees Cultivation and Physiology Ecology of Shenyang City;Shenyang Agricultural University;Foreign Language Department;Shenyang Agricultural University;
Effects of Exogenous Carbon Sources and Salinity on the Growth and Oil Accumulation of Nannochloropsis sp. QA2
WANG Tong;LIU Shuai-Shuai;LIU Jia-Yao;LIU Jian-Guo;YI Yan-Jun;University Key Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology in Shandong Province;College of Life Sciences;Qingdao Agricultural University;Institude of Oceanology;Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Plant Regeneration through Seed Asptic Germination and Rapid Propagation Technology of Ormosia fordiana Oliv.
PENG Lü-Chun;WANG Li-Hua;MA Shuang-Xi;SU Yan;ZHANG Yi-Ping;SONG Jie;QU Su-Ping;Flower Research Institute of Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Supervision and Testing Centre for Flowers of Ministry of Agriculture;Yunnan Flower Breeding Key Laboratory;Yunnan Flower Research and Development Center;Forestry Bureau of Yimen County;
Physiological Responses of Anther to High Temperature Stress in Rices
ZHANG Gui-Lian;ZHANG Shun-Tang;XIAO Lang-Tao;WU Xiao-Jin;XIAO Ying-Hui;CHEN Li-Yun;Collegeof Agronomy;Hunan Agricultural University;Post-Doctoral Innovation Base of Agricultural Science and Technology Promotion Center of Longgang District;Hunan Provincial Key Laboratory of Phytohormones and Growth Development;Hunan Agricultural University;
Effects of Exogenous 24-Epibrassinolide on Plant Growth and Antioxidant System in Eggplant Seedlings under High Temperature Stress
WU Xue-Xia;ZHA Ding-Shi;ZHU Zong-Wen;XU Shuang;Horticultural Research Institute;Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Shanghai Key Laboratory of Protected Horticultural Technology;
In vitro Expression and on the Interactions between FLC and SVP from Repressors of Bolting in Brassica oleracea L.
YANG Pu-Li;ZHANG Dan-Hua;LIU Zhi-Yu;XU Jun-Qiang;WANG Zhi-Min;TANG Qing-Lin;SONG Ming;Chongqing Key Laboratory of Olericulture;Key Laboratory of Horticulture Science for Southern Mountainous Regions;Ministry of Education;College of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture;Southwest University;
Changes of Endogenous Hormones in the Tender Stems and Chlorophyll Fluorescence in the Leaves of Poplar Trees under Salt Stress by Microdialysis
MA Jin-Long;JIANG Guo-Bin;YAO Shan-Jing;SUN Ruo-Zheng;DENG Shao-Li;Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering;Zhejiang University;College of Life Sciences;Dalian Nationalities University;College of Environment and Resources;Dalian Nationalities University;College of Biological Science and Engineering;Beifang University of Nationalities;
Comparison in Grain Starch Biosynthesis of the Leading Wheat Cultivars of Different Eras Released in Shandong Province
GUO Qian-Huan;XIE Yan-Qing;CHENG Dun-Gong;ZHOU Lian-Jie;DAI Shuang;LI Hao-Sheng;ZHAO Shi-Jie;SONG Jian-Min;State Key Laboratory of Crop Biology;College of Life Science;Shandong Agricultural University;Key Laboratory of Wheat Biology and Genetic Improvement on North Yellow and Huai River Valley;Ministry of Agriculture;National Engineering Laboratory for Wheat and Maize;Crop Research Institute;Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences;Shandong Center of Crop Germplasm Resources;Shandong Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Physiological Differences of Different Waterlogging-Resistant Brassica napus L. under Waterlogging Stress
Lü Yan-Yan;JIN Yan;FU San-Xiong;QI Cun-Kou;Institute of Industrial Crops;Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences;
Tissue Culture and Rapid Propagation of Seedless Siraitia grosvenorii
CHEN Ji-Fu;Bioengineering Department;Xiangxi National Vocation Technical College;