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Plant Protection

ISSN 0529-1542 
Organizer: zhong guo zhi wu bao hu xue hui zhong guo nong ye ke xue yuan zhi wu bao hu yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhi wu bao hu bian ji bu  
Description: Journal founded in 1963 by the Institute of Plant Protection in China and the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Plant Protection, organized by China Association for Science in charge, is the Chinese core journals, core journals Science and Technology of China. This publication reports crops, fruit trees, gardens, vegetables, flowers, herbs and grass of the disease, insects, grass, Occurrence and control of rodents, new pesticides, the application of mechanical technology and the scientific basis of modern plant protection research and development of new theories trends and so on. Has won several outstanding journal, Journal of China Association for Science Award for excellence in 2003, won the National Journal Award Award nomination. Publication has been "CAB (UK)", "Agrindex (FAO)", "Chemical Abstracts", "Chinese Science Citation Database", "Chinese Science and Technology Journal Database", "Biological Abstracts", "Agricultural Abstracts" "China Science and Technology Papers and Citation Database" and other important domestic and foreign science and technology abstracts database included is our "China Journal", "Articles Digital Periodicals," the source journals. Readers: plant protection technicians, agricultural and forestry colleges and students, pesticide companies, plant doctors, agricultural cadres at all levels, garden, gardening workers, science and technology specialized households and farmers friends. (Translated by machine.)