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Journal of Sun Yatsen University(Medical Sciences)

ISSN 1672-3554 
Organizer: zhong shan da xue  
Publisher: zhong shan da xue xue bao yi xue ke xue ban bian ji bu  
Description: Comprehensive medical journal is the core publications, published the South-class universities and advanced medical research and clinical outcomes, founded in 1980, bimonthly, nearly 60 specialist team of authoritative experts on the editorial board of academic quality strictly, so that publication repeatedly been rated as outstanding journal, Journal of the Ministry of Education and the Guangdong Provincial Excellent excellent journal for foreign and domestic publications and databases to retrieve indexed journal impact factor in the nation's top 300 of all. Articles ISSN1000-257X, CN44-1575 / R, can subscribe to the post office in the country, Youfadaihao :46-141, the annual price: 60 yuan (Translated by machine.)