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Highway Engineering

ISSN 1674-0610 
Organizer: hu nan sheng jiao tong ke xue yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: gong lu gong cheng bian ji bu  
Description: "Highway Engineering" (the original "South Highway Project"), founded in 1975, is China's road sector integrated technology class scientific and technical periodicals. Road transport is also a major Chinese language journals, scientific papers Source Journals of China and South Highway Network Information Network Journal. Is devoted to roads, bridges and traffic engineering theory and engineering application of article. Including roads, bridges, structure theory, road, roadbed, manmade structures, line survey and design, computer application and so on. Available in the traffic study, construction, supervision, management, engineering and technical personnel, management personnel and tertiary institutions, secondary school teachers and students to read, but also for the municipal, water, construction, railway construction and other civil engineering technology officers. (Translated by machine.)