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Quality Following

ISSN 1009-6752 
Organizer: shan xi sheng zhi liang ji shu jian du ju  
Publisher: zhi liang gen zong bian ji bu  
Description: Publication is approved by the State Press and Publication Administration head of Quality and Technical Supervision in Shaanxi Province, the organizers. Publication and distribution of this agency is responsible for editing the society, service enterprises, the authority of the quality of consumer guide magazine, her focus on the quality of all aspects of society, tracking, reporting product quality, service quality, quality, environmental quality and quality of life of people hotspots; published authority of the quality of test results; exposure NPC inferior counterfeit products, maintenance support BrandName to help you master brand strategy, broaden their horizons, adding wisdom; teach you know really Bianjia, avoid shopping fooled. Set of authoritative content, guidance, services, and readability in one. (Translated by machine.)