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Journal of Acupuncture and Tuina Science

ISSN 1672-3597 
Organizer: shang hai zhen jiu jing luo yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhen jiu tui na yi xue ying wen ban bian ji bu  
Description: Publication sponsored by the Shanghai Institute of Acupuncture and Meridian. In order to better promote the development of Chinese acupuncture and massage, acupuncture to strengthen academic exchanges, promote the popularization of Chinese acupuncture in the world, for the benefit of all mankind, her popularity acupuncture culture, promote international exchanges, prosperous Chinese Acupuncture is the theme to the domestic outside the public offering. Main columns clinical experience, special disease lectures, clinical research, clinical reports, academic trends, massage, little knowledge, healthy garden and brief on new books. Acupuncture is engaged in clinical, teaching and research at all levels of medical technicians and related medical college students mentor; related to the development of medical devices, manufacturers understand the market window. (Translated by machine.)