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Zhejiang Practical Medicine

ISSN 1007-3299 
Organizer: zhe jiang sheng yi xue qing bao yan jiu suo  
Publisher: zhe jiang shi yong yi xue bian ji bu  
Description: "Zhejiang Practical Medicine," Journal of Head, Department of Health Department of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province, sponsored by the Institute of Medical Information, "Zhejiang Practical Medicine" magazine Editor comprehensive medical journals published by domestic and foreign public offering, the domestic unity ISSN: CN33-1207 / R, International Standard Serial Number: ISSN1007-3299. Journal aims to actively implement the party's health policies, medical and health advocacy and promotion of scientific and technological achievements and advanced experience of preventing and curing diseases, based in Zhejiang, and the country, adhere to the theory and practice, popularization and improvement of both, with practical Lord, the clinical-based, grass-roots oriented. 80% of articles each republication strong clinical relevance of articles, mainly reports the medical research, clinical and preventive medical and health medical research progress and new technologies and new methods. The main columns are: expert forum, clinical research, basic research, prevention research, diagnosis and treatment, clinical, and drug, clinical and testing, clinical care, review, misdiagnosis, case reports, research management, hospital management, medical intelligence, foreign medical dynamics, the vast number of clinical medical workers mentor. The journal is open 64 large 16 bi-monthly, every 25 bimonthly publication. (Translated by machine.)