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Journal of Zhejiang Normal University(Natural Sciences)

ISSN 1001-5051 
Organizer: zhe jiang shi fan da xue  
Publisher: zhe jiang shi fan da xue chu ban she  
Description: The Journal is a comprehensive academic journal Science, is designed to provide a published school teachers teaching, scientific research of the garden, and promote teaching and research level, while absorbing part of the school's academic quality paper to improve the quality of publication. Journal in 1989 in Zhejiang Province of Natural Science Award of Excellence of Editorial Quality Rating; 1990 by the National College of Natural Science of the third prize presentation quality evaluation; be Russia's "Digest magazine," identified as the full-text indexed journals; by the Chinese scientific literature Editorial Board, China Research Center of Quantitative Evaluation of the scientific literature as "the Chinese Academic Journal Database," the source journal; selected "Chemical Abstracts" (CA) and the German "MATH" database; was "China Journal", "China Academic Journal ( CD-ROM version) "as a full-text indexed journals; is" Articles "as the full-text indexed journals; be" e-Science and Technology Digest "," Chinese Math Digest "," Chinese Physics Abstracts "," Chinese Biological Abstracts, "" China Abstracts of Inorganic Chemistry "and other periodicals as sources. Since 2000, the standard 16 to open to meet the needs of international journals. Meanwhile, efforts to improve the quality of the presentation of publications, strictly implement the "College of Natural Science of China, arranged norms" and "CAJ-CD specification," in 2001 won the "first" CAJ-CD specification, "Executive Excellence Award." 2003 was included as the National Science and Technology, "Chinese Articles Source Journals", which became the core of China's science and technology journals. (Translated by machine.)