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Journal of Zhejiang Business Technology Institute

ISSN 1671-9565 
Organizer: zhe jiang gong shang zhi ye ji shu xue yuan  
Publisher: zhe jiang gong shang zhi ye ji shu xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: Zhejiang Business Technology Institute from Zhejiang Business Technology Institute sponsored public offering of domestic and foreign publications, a quarterly, 96 pages. It was first published in 2001, officially published in 2002 (domestic unified ISSN: CN 33-1303 / Z; International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 1671-9596). Journals for the purpose of adhering to the correct guidance of public opinion to explore the vocational education reform, teaching and practical experience exchange, promote technology innovation and innovation management for the majority of teachers and provide academic exchange of research results show garden. The main columns are: Economic Forum, History and Philosophy, Science, Education. Editorial Department has a strong team of editorial staff, including Fu Gaozhi 2, intermediate grade 2. Of Publication of always open the door, willing to work together with the community, of accomplishing the same kind of effort in the first-class publications, more quality, more talent, and good academic qualification in the garden gardener. (Translated by machine.)