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Journal of Zhejiang University Science B
2013 Issue 12
Induced pluripotent stem cells: origins, applications, and future perspectives
Jing ZHAO;Wen-jie JIANG;Chen SUN;Cong-zhe HOU;Xiao-mei YANG;Jian-gang GAO;School of Life Sciences;Shandong University;
Influence of heat stress on leaf ultrastructure, photosynthetic performance, and ascorbate peroxidase gene expression of two pear cultivars(Pyrus pyrifolia)
Dong-feng LIU;Dong ZHANG;Guo-qin LIU;Sayed HUSSAIN;Yuan-wen TENG;State Agricultural Ministry Key Laboratory of Horticultural Plant Growth;Development and Quality Improvement;Department of Horticulture;Zhejiang University;College of Horticulture;Northwest A&F University;
Fungal diversity in adult date palm(Phoenix dactylifera L.) revealed by culture-dependent and culture-independent approaches
Ines BEN CHOBBA;Amine ELLEUCH;Imen AYADI;Lamia KHANNOUS;Ahmed NAMSI;Frederique CERQUEIRA;Noureddine DRIRA;Néji GHARSALLAH;Tatiana VALLAEYS;Laboratoire de Biotechnologies Végétales Appliquées à l’Amélioration des Cultures LBVAAC;Faculté des Sciences de Sfax;B.P. 1171;3000 Sfax;Tunisia;UMR 5119;Université de Montpellier 2;Sciences et Techniques;pl E. Bataillon;CC093;34095 Montpellier;France;Laboratoire de Microorganismes et de Biomolécules;Centre de Biotechnologie de Sfax;Université de Sfax;Route Sidi Mansour;B.P. 1177;3018 Sfax;Tunisia;Laboratoire de Phytopathologie Oasienne;Centre Régional de Recherches en Agriculture Oasienne à Degache;Degache 2260;Tunisia;Plateforme Séquen age-Génotypage SFR "Montpellier Environnement Biodiversité";ISEM;Université de Montpellier 2;34095 Montpellier;France;
Genetic variation in alkaloid accumulation in leaves of Nicotiana
Bo SUN;Fen ZHANG;Guo-jun ZHOU;Guo-hai CHU;Fang-fang HUANG;Qiao-mei WANG;Li-feng JIN;Fu-cheng LIN;Jun YANG;Zhengzhou Tobacco Research Institute;Technology Center;China Tobacco Zhejiang Industrial Co.;Ltd.;College of Agriculture & Biotechnology;Zhejiang University;
Cloning and functional analysis of a novel ascorbate peroxidase(APX) gene from Anthurium andraeanum
Hui-chun LIU;Dan-qing TIAN;Jian-xin LIU;Guang-ying MA;Qing-cheng ZOU;Zhu-jun ZHU;College of Agriculture & Biotechnology;Zhejiang University;Research & Development Center of Flower;Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences;School of Agricultural and Food Science;Zhejiang A&F University;
Involvement of phosphatidate phosphatase in the biosynthesis of triacylglycerols in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Xiao-dong DENG;Jia-jia CAI;Xiao-wen FEI;Key Laboratory of Tropical Crop Biotechnology;Ministry of Agriculture;Institute of Tropical Bioscience and Biotechnology;Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences;School of Science;Hainan Medical College;
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Morphological and biochemical responses of Oryza sativa L.(cultivar MR219) to ion beam irradiation
Anna Pick Kiong LING;Ying Chian UNG;Sobri HUSSEIN;Abdul Rahim HARUN;Atsushi TANAKA;Hase YOSHIHIRO;Division of Human Biology;International Medical University;57000 Kuala Lumpur;Malaysia;Department of Science;Faculty of Engineering and Science;Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman;53300 Setapak;Kuala Lumpur;Malaysia;Agrotechnology and Bioscience Division;Malaysian Nuclear Agency;Bangi;43000 Kajang;Selangor;Malaysia;Radiation-Applied Biology Division;Quantum Beam Science Directorate;Japan Atomic Energy Agency;1233 Watanuki-machi;Takasaki;Gunma 370-1292;Japan;
Accumulation of mercury in rice grain and cabbage grown on representative Chinese soils
Chun-fa LIU;Cheng-xian WU;Muhammad T.RAFIQ;Rukhsanda AZIZ;Dan-di HOU;Zhe-li DING;Zi-wen LIN;Lin-jun LOU;Yuan-yuan FENG;Ting-qiang LI;Xiao-e YANG;Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Environmental Remediation and Ecological Health;College of Environmental and Resource Sciences;Zhejiang University;
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Sorption of ammonium and phosphate from aqueous solution by biochar derived from phytoremediation plants
Zheng ZENG;Song-da ZHANG;Ting-qiang LI;Feng-liang ZHAO;Zhen-li HE;He-ping ZHAO;Xiao-e YANG;Hai-long WANG;Jing ZHAO;Muhammad Tariq RAFIQ;Ministry of Education Key Laboratory of Environmental Remediation and Ecological Health;College of Environmental and Resource Sciences;Zhejiang University;Ningbo Raw Water Group Co.;Ltd.;Indian River Research and Education Center;Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences;University of Florida;School of Environmental and Resource Sciences;Zhejiang A&F University;
Atrazine biodegradation efficiency, metabolite detection, and trzD gene expression by enrichment bacterial cultures from agricultural soil
Robinson David Jebakumar SOLOMON;Amit KUMAR;Velayudhan SATHEEJA SANTHI;Department of Molecular Microbiology;School of Biotechnology;Madurai Kamaraj University;
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