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Zhejiang Electric Power

ISSN 1007-1881 
Organizer: zhe jiang sheng dian li xue hui zhe jiang sheng dian li shi yan yan jiu yuan  
Publisher: zhe jiang dian li bian ji bu  
Description: The publication director of Zhejiang Electric Power Company, by the Zhejiang Provincial Electric Power Research Institute and Zhejiang Electric Power Test Power Technology co-sponsored journals, electronic system in Zhejiang Province is the only public offering in domestic and international journals, founded in 1979. Publishes power generation, power transmission, for the use of agricultural (rural power), electric power construction, research design, technology, reform, and so high-quality articles, in particular, reflect the power system, such as the recent power market, bidding and other hot spots and light industrial and technological achievements. "Zhejiang Power" full entry "China Academic Journal (CD)." Full Entry Point Technology net. Recently won the "China Academic Journal (CD)" Executive Excellence Award Specification: China Electric Power Press Association Award for Outstanding Power Journal, "Zhejiang Power" is a comprehensive technical publications, covering the professional has power generation, power systems, power grids automation, power transmission, supply and distribution of electricity, water technology, rural electrification, electrochemical and environmental protection. (Translated by machine.)