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Journal of Academy of Armored Force Engineering

ISSN 1672-1479 
Organizer: zhuang jia bing gong cheng xue yuan  
Publisher: zhuang jia bing gong cheng xue yuan xue bao bian ji bu  
Description: "Armored Force Engineering Institute," was launched in April 1987, a quarterly since 1994, from the end of 1998, Issues Issues to national unity. From December 2002, the "of" further extended to domestic and foreign public offering. February 2005, "Armored Force Engineering Institute," was the General Staff Department, PLA General Political Department approval for the key construction of military science journals, according to the spirit of the document, all major construction in the papers published in the journal and in the national core journals published Papers treated equally. "Armored Force Engineering Institute," is a reflection of armored equipment, engineering, military theory and other research-based comprehensive academic journal. Major works published in armored vehicles, weapons systems and application engineering, surface engineering and materials and equipment, vehicle electronic control engineering, information engineering, tanks, weapons engineering, command automation engineering, military command and war service, comprehensive support equipment, vehicle engineering simulation, and Related to this basic research, development and application of research in the field of academic papers. "Armored Force Engineering Institute," to open the section are: protection and management of equipment, weapons systems and application engineering, vehicle engineering, electronic engineering and fire control engineering, equipment remanufacturing engineering, basic theory and application of other columns. Organized by international standards, periodicals, and printed in English copyright page, table of contents and summaries. "Of" the General Staff has access to the first outstanding Series Award, National College of Natural Science of the third prize competitions, the Beijing Natural Science College appraisal system first prize. 1998 Issues of access to domestic unity, issue further expand the scope. Armored and mechanized units from the Army to all military branches, from the colleges to major research institutes and national libraries have subscriptions or subscriptions. Few years, China has been SCIENTIFIC source (core journals Science and Technology of China), China Academic Journal, Chinese core journals (selection) database, the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database, Chinese Academic Journal (CD), Articles - Digital Periodicals, Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), the UK Science Abstracts (INSPEC) and other well-known journals and databases included in the source. Impact factor and citation frequency has increased year by year. "Armored Force Engineering Institute," edited by Professor Xu Binshi. Professor Xu Binshi Armored Force Engineering Institute is currently re-manufacturing equipment, National Key Laboratory, Chinese Academy of Engineering, major general, also serves as the General Armament Department of the CST advisers, development and promotion of national production and research equipment engineering center director, vice president of China Association of Equipment Management , vice chairman of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society and other staff. Xu engaged in maintenance work, surface engineering and re-manufacturing engineering, surface engineering disciplines in China and re-manufacturing engineering disciplines advocate and one of the pioneers. In 1996 the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Technology Achievement Award, in June 2004 by China Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Academy of Engineering Prize Project Awards, in October 2004 at the fourteenth session of the International Federation of Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering Congress to obtain the highest academic achievement award. (Translated by machine.)